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Uzbekistan Cultural Holidays and Culture Tour Activities
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  Name Highlight Activity Duration Price Season Destination
Ziyara Naqshbandi Golden Tour of Uzbekistan
Visiting the Ensemble of Bakha-ad-Din Nakshband {12 km from Bukhara, in the village of Khasri Orifon. Mukhammad ibn Jaloliddin Khodjai Buzrug became famous... Culture Tour , Classic Tour 7 days USD 1500 - 1500
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, samarkand, shakhrisabz, tashkent)

Exotic Tour Along Uzbekistan And Disappearing Bridge of Aral Sea
Explore City Museum, The monument for died solders during World War II (The highest place in Muynak), Opening of the cemetery of boats, The bridge of... Culture Tour , Classic Tour 14 days USD 3060 - 3060
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, khiva, muynak, nukus, tashkent)

During thousand of years, this famous road connected China with the Mediterranean and two hugest civilization of those times Oriental and Western. Thousand... Culture Tour 25 - 26 days USD 1675 - 4605
Per person
April - October Uzbekistan

Uzbek cuisine, perhaps, is one of the most saturated in the whole Orient! Uzbekistan, during hundred of years located at the trade caravans ways of the Great... Culture Tour 8 - 9 days USD 950 - 1595
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan

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