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Beijing 5 Days Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $432/- USD per person

Shanghai 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $468/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $264/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Romantic Cambodia
Duration 18 days - Price start from $3442/- USD per person

14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
Duration 14 days - Price start from $904/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $313/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $349/- USD per person

Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $159/- USD per person

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Music of Mexico
Music of Mexico The music of Mexico is diverse and features a wide range of different musical styles influenced mainly by Indigenous music . Many traditional Mexican songs are well-known worldwide, although most of the time their origin in Mexico is not so clear to the non-Mexican listener. Besame Mucho, Cielito Lindo, El Rey, La Bamba, Maria Bonita and many more are part of the Mexican culture and famous all over the world. Music on the East Coast of Mexico was very influenced by Cuban music in the 20th century. The Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco where influenced by the Son Cubano. Cha cha cha, Danzon, Mambo and Bolero grew importantly in Mexico, specially in Veracruz and Mexico City. Important song writers that influenced this whe...
Confucius Temple in Taiwan Attract Huge Tourists
Confucius Temple in Taiwan Attract Huge Tourists Of all the Tourist Attractions in Taipei, Confucius Temple, Taipei sees a huge inflow of tourists every year. Of all temples to Confucius, which are the actual sign of Chinese Confucian culture, Confucius Temple, Taipei is the best place to understand the traditional culture. The Confucius Temple of Qu Fu in Shantung is the largest and most antique one of China's Confucius temples. Situated at the unique locale of Confucius home, this temple has boomed for more than 2,000 years for becoming at wonderful level. From the Ming and Ching Dynasties, some regions and municipalities of China have established the Confucius temples. At that time, these were known as Confucian schools for serving the hubs for Confucian learni...
Wildlife in Scotland
Wildlife in Scotland Wildlife in Scotland includes diverse land animals, water creatures and assorted species of birds. Scotland is the home to exotic animals and the best season to experience wildlife is in the months of autumn. The countryside comes alive with different animals filling the nature's picture. This is the ideal time to watch the best of wildlife in Scotland. Scotland, a gift to animal lovers will love the rich treasures of wildlife. The country is divided into different areas, which are associated with different varieties of species. Given below are the special wildlife regions in Scotland. Shetland: Shetland group comprises of more than 100 islands. Travelers can see different variety of animals here. Orkney: Here, on...
Adventure in Brunei
Adventure in Brunei From mountain biking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, sport fishing, wreck and reef diving in the South China Sea, to jungle hiking on well-maintained trails, the ecotourism and adventure options in Brunei are endless. Enjoy the thrill of riding a local longboat up the rapids to the nation's various national parks scattered throughout the nation's four districts. Learn to raft - whether whitewater or on a tranquil jungle river, rafting in Brunei can be a fun experience for all ages, beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. An overnight tour allows visitors to truly experience Brunei's pristine rainforests up close, with more time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sunset and sunrise are when the jungle ...
Museums in Poznan of Poland
Museums in Poznan of Poland Poznan is one of the most beautiful cities of Poland. There are several tourist attractions in Poznan for you to explore. During your tours, visit the various museums in Poznan. Some of the popular museums in Poznan are the National Museum, Musical Instruments Museum and Poznan Army Museum, among others. The museums in Poznan include the following - National Museum - The National Museum was built in the year 1904 in the city of Poznan. It is one of the finest museums in Poland and is one of the best museums of Poznan. The National Museum displays a collection of Italian, Spanish and Polish pieces of art. It should be visited during your Poznan tours. This museum will give you a clear insight of the history and c...
Literature of Switzerland
Literature of Switzerland There is no such thing as a Swiss national vernacular literature, properly speaking. But there are four branches which make up a literature of Switzerland, according to the language in which the works are composed. As the Confederation, from its foundation in 1291 till 1798, was exclusively composed (with a partial exception in the case of Fribourg) of German-speaking districts, the real Swiss vernacular literature (if any one branch is to be dignified by that name) is in German, though in the 18th century French became the fashionable language in Bern and elsewhere, while the influence of the French-speaking allies and subject lands was more marked than before. Hence the German branch is by far the more important and...
When to Go Denmark
When to Go Denmark Late June, July and August are high season, with open-air concerts including the big ones such as Roskilde, street activity and basking on the beach. Other bonuses: longer opening hours at museums and other attractions, and potential savings on accommodation (some hotels drop their rates). Downsides: lots of other travellers celebrating midsummer with gusto. Mitigating factor: in late August, Danish kids are back in school - so you get the summer weather but fewer crowds. May and early June can also be delightful for a visit. The land is a rich green, accented with fields of yellow rapeseed flowers; the weather is generally warm and comfortable; and you'll beat the tourist rush. Although autumn can also be pleasant...
Salavan Province
Salavan Province Salavan Province is best known for the Bolaven Plateau, which also extends into Attapeu, Champassak and Sekong provinces. The Bolaven Plateau is covered in the Champassak section. Click Here to find out about the Bolaven Plateau. The plateau is best accessed from Pakse, in Champassak province. Salavan province is home to the Phu Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area, covering nearly 1,000 sq km in the western part of the province next to the Mekong river. It is thought that asiatic black bear, banteng, clouded leopard, Douc langur, elephant, gibbon, guar, Siamese crocodile and tiger and inhabit this area. Courtesy: batours
Nieu Bethesda and Karoo
Nieu Bethesda and Karoo Nieu Bethesda is a small, very isolated town in the middle of the Karoo in South Africa. Yet it contains one of the most interesting houses I had seen in South Africa – the owl house. To say that the house is unique is an understatement. The owl house was built by Helen Martins and it testifies the creativity of this remarkable woman. Also in Nieu Bethesda, there was a nice Dutch Reformed Church and we visited a local brewery. Then we went to the Drifters Karoo Inn to take in some of the beautiful landscape surrounding the Karoo area. The Karoo area was famous for its lamb. My tour guide explained to us that the sheep have been eating the herbs in the area, thereby spicing themselves up ;o)
Things to do and sight to see in Monaco
Things to do and sight to see in Monaco It is relatively easy to navigate Monte Carlo and Monaco if you take the time to learn where the various short cuts are. City maps are generally available at most news vendor stands and shops for a small fee. Avenue Saint-Martin. An absolute must-do for new or old visitors alike is a walk along the coastal Avenue Saint-Martin, feauturing some beautiful cliff-side gardens. On this road is the Monaco Cathedral, which was built in the late 19th century, and was where Princess Grace and Prince Ranier married. It is also where Grace and many of the other Grimaldis are buried. The Palais du Prince (Prince's Palace) is located in old Monaco-Ville and is also a must see. The changing of the guard takes place daily at 11...