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Beijing 5 Days Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $432/- USD per person

Shanghai 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
Duration 4 days - Price start from $468/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $264/- USD per person

Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $413/- USD per person

Romantic Cambodia
Duration 18 days - Price start from $3442/- USD per person

14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
Duration 14 days - Price start from $904/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $313/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Tour
Duration 5 days - Price start from $349/- USD per person

Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $159/- USD per person

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Festivals and Sightseeing of Lesotho
Festivals and Sightseeing of Lesotho Festivals Independence Day (4th October) celebrates the day that Lesotho achieved independance from the British Empire. Moshoeshoe Day (14th March) celebrates the life of the founding father of the country. In Maseru, the procession goes from the Palace all the way to the Sotho Stadium, and involves many people dressed up in Lesotho's vibrant and colourful traditional dress - usually comprising blankets and sticks and if you're lucky, the cat hat! Women involved in the parade will be carrying huge bundles of sticks, as they traditionally would do, whilst the men will either be doing traditional dances, riding horses, or herding bulls along the road! At the stadium, after the procession has arrived, there are milita...
The best time to go to Cuba
The best time to go to Cuba The best time to go to Cuba is between December and April, after the lashing rains of the hurricane season and before the hot and sticky discomfort of the scorching summer months. However this is also when planeload of Canadians and Europeans arrive in pursuit of the southern sun, and room prices soar by up to 20%. Cubans take their holidays in July and August, so local beaches are very crowded at this time. Christmas, Easter and the period around 26 July, when Cubans celebrate the anniversary of the revolution, are also very busy. August to November is the worst time for hurricanes, while the winter months can bring in cold fronts when temperatures in the north and west of the island can dip under 15ºC (60°F). E...
Cultural Operas in Taiwan
Cultural Operas in Taiwan One of the most rewarding cultural excursions in Taiwan is traditional Chinese Opera. Although this art may be difficult for the uninitiated to appreciate, its enchanting librettos, unique and arresting musical forms and resplendent visual presentation are an essential part of refined Chinese culture. Chinese operas are, of course, first and foremost stories. If possible, read up on the storyline before attending a performance; your enjoyment will increase with understanding. For the pure classical form of northern-style Chinese opera, Taiwan has two national opera troupes, the Fu Hsing and the Kuo Kuang. The latter has in recent years added newly penned, but very classical scripts to its full repertoire of standard ...
Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve of Kyrgyzstan
Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve of Kyrgyzstan Some 500 km from Bishkek and 300 km from Osh is The Sary Chelek biosphere reserve, which lies in the Arkit Gorge, a relatively small mountain hollow in the Chaktal Mountains. It was founded in 1959 to protect and research the pristine natural landscapes - lowland steppes and ridges with snow-capped peaks; rapid rivers and mountain lakes; blossoming valleys and alpine meadows (lying between 1200 m and 4274m) - with their varied flora and fauna. More than 1000 species of plants, 160 species of birds and 34 species of mammals (such as deer, bear, lynx, wolves, foxes, badgers, porcupine … even snow leopards) can be found in this relatively small, unspoilt national park. The Park and area comprises of the river valleys ...
The European Expedition
The European Expedition The European expedition was to be a major Mongol effort, comparable in scope to the war against China. It was to become a catastrophe of monumental proportions for medieval East Europeans, who were confronted with devastating wars and serious social disruption. Nominal command was to be exercised by Batu son of Zuchi, because this was the part of the world he had inherited from Chinggis. The actual commander was the aging, but still brilliant, Subeedei. He was probably the most gifted of all Mongol generals, after Chinggis himself, and he had been one of the commanders of the momentous reconnaissance that had swept through southern Russia fifteen years earlier. The Bulghars were defeated in 1236, and in December 123...
Weather in Singapore
Weather in Singapore One of the best aspects of Singapore that makes it a popular destination in the world is its weather. Weather in Singapore has always been a pleasant entity of the city that attracts thousands of tourists from all across the globe. Singapore is located at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula and just 2 degrees north of the Equator. The country comprises of 63 small islets. The country is dotted with beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings all nurtured by Weather in Singapore. Climate in Singapore is influenced by the equator which lies just 2 degrees away from the location of the country. The land experiences a typical tropical climate making the environment neither very hot nor cold even. This type o...
You Love to See Argyle Falls and Fort King George during Trindad tour
You Love to See Argyle Falls and Fort King George during Trindad tour Argyle Falls The triple-tiered Argyle Falls are on the Argyle River, just west of Roxborough on the southeastern coast. In addition to the entry fee, you must pay an authorized guide to lead you on the 20-minute hike up to the falls. Along the way you can cool off in a series of natural pools. Fort King George Tobago's best remaining colonial fortification (1779) is well worth a visit for its history, coastal views and parklike grounds. Cannons line the fort's stone walls, and there's a working lighthouse, a shop selling local crafts and a small museum with displays on Amerindian artifacts and Tobago's colonial history.
Festivals in Taiwan
Festivals in Taiwan Traditionally, Chinese society has always used a lunar calendar (based on the phases of the moon). The biggest holidays celebrate the changing of the seasons, revealing China's ancient agrarian roots. Because most major festivals are timed by the traditional calendar, the dates that they fall on according to the Western, solar, calendar vary from year to year. Some holidays, however, have come to be associated with the Western calendar and occur on the same predictable date. Some holidays may be of little interest to non-Taiwanese. Unless you have an ancestor who died and was buried in Taiwan, for example, you probably won't find yourself directly participating in Tomb Sweeping Day. But many holidays are spectacular...
Literature of Laos
Literature of Laos As in neighbouring countries, the earliest literature to emerge in what is now the Lao PDR served to perpetuate the various proverbs, myths, legends and cosmology associated with particular ethnic groups. Today several of Laos' ethnic minority groups still preserve a rich tradition of epic stories, performed by village elders who are charged with keeping the ancient art alive. Late in the first millennium BCE, Buddhist monks began to appropriate the ancient storytelling techniques for the purpose of spreading their faith, giving rise to the development of the jataka, tales of the Bodhisattva (previous incarnations of the Buddha) which were later added to the tripitaka canonical texts of Theravada Buddhism. Compiled ...
Wildlife in USA
Wildlife in USA The country of USA is rich in wild life. There are some of the dense jungles which are rich reserves of wild life in USA. The governments takes great care in protecting the rich and varied Wildlife in USA.The country of USA abounds in different wide life ranging from black & grizzly bear, mountain Lions, timber & Arctic Wolves, Elk & Big Horn Sheep, American Buffalo among others. These animals are very rare and can be found in USA only. There are many endangered species also which have been preserved by the government with great care. There are numerous wild life parks in USA where you can enjoy straight drives through and see the numerous species of wild life roaming in free nature. The zoos in USA take great care ...