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Beijing 5 Days Tour
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Shanghai 4 Days Tour
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Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
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Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
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Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
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Romantic Cambodia
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14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
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5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
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5 Days Siem Reap Tour
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Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $159/- USD per person

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Long Neck Tribe Village
Long Neck Tribe Village Huay Pu Keng is one of three Kayan villages situated in the province of Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand, is a small village populated primarily by the Kayan (long-neck) and Kayaw (big-ears) Karenni ethnic sub-groups. It is open all year round to visitors. The other villages being Huay Sua Thao and Kayan Tayar (Nai Soi) village. The village is situated in an isolated area down the Pai river and is surrounded by thick jungle. The Kayan tradition of wearing a brass coil around their neck has attracted tourists, anthropologists and journalist alike. Because of this tradition the Shan people called this long-neck tribe ‘Yan Pa Doung’ meaning ‘Karen brass wound people’, this name was adopted by the Burmans and ...
Diwali Festival
Diwali Festival Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia. It is also an occasion for celebration by Jains and Sikhs.The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, although the actual legends that go with the festival are different in different parts of India. As with other Indian festivals, Diwali signifies many different things to people across the country. In north India, Diwali celebrates Rama's homecoming, that is his return to Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana and his coronation as king; in Gujarat, the festival honors Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth; and in Bengal, it is associated with the goddess Kali. Everywhere...
Saharanpur City
Saharanpur City Saharanpur district attained the status as Saharanpur division in 1997 of Uttar Pardesh. As regards its physical features, the north and the northeast of the district is surrounded by Shivalik hills and separates it from the Dehradun district in the recently created state of Uttranchal. The river Yamuna forms its boundary in the west which separates it from Karnal and Yamunanagar districts of Haryana. In the East lies the district of Haridwar which was the part of district Saharanpur before 1989 and in the south lies the district Muzafarnagar. At the time of the British Rule District Muzafarnagar was also a part of district Saharanpur. The district is in a rectangular shape and it lies between 29 degrees 34 minutes...
Firozpur Jhirka - A Small Village
Firozpur Jhirka - A Small Village Ferozpur Jhirka is a town in Mewat district in the state of Haryana, India. I visited this place to attend one friend marriage and spent 2 nights. Nice place.
Indian Food
Indian Food Indians take their food very seriously. Cooking is considered an art and mothers usually begin to teach their daughters and pass down family recipes by show-and-tell, fairly young in life. Mealtimes are important occasions for family to get together. Most meals comprise of several dishes ranging from staples like rice and breads to meat and vegetables and rounded off with a dessert. In a lot of Indian homes, foods are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. For example, some families buy their favorite type of wheat, wash it, dry it in the sun and then take it in to a flourmill to have it ground into flour exactly the way they like, as opposed to buying flour from a store! This is changing in bigger cities where peo...
Cheetal Grand
Cheetal Grand Muzaffarnagar is located at northern part of Uttar Pradesh. The district of Muzaffarnagar forms a portion of division Saharanpur, and situated in the DOAB of the Ganges and the Jamuna, between the districts of Meerut on the South and Saharanpur on the North. On the west, the Jamuna separates it from the Panipat. There are two beautiful motels located on the Ganges named "Cheetal" and "Cheetal Grand."(which are more famous than Khatauli) Cheetal is run by the UP Forest Department and Cheetal Grand by a private owner. These two parks attract lot of travelers.
Marriage in India
Marriage in India I attended one marriage in firozpur jhirka, India and have taken couple of shots. In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding, dramatically evoking every possible social obligation, kinship bond, traditional value, impassioned sentiment, and economic resource. In the arranging and conducting of weddings, the complex permutations of Indian social systems best display themselves. Marriage is deemed essential for virtually everyone in India. For the individual, marriage is the great watershed in life, marking the transition to adulthood. Generally, this transition, like everything else in India, depends little upon individual volition but instead occurs as a result of the efforts of many people. E...
Mursi Tribes
Mursi Tribes The Mursi live in the lower Omo valley of southwestern Ethiopia, 100 km north of the Kenyan border.They call themselves Mun (sg. Muni) and number less than 10,000. Over the past few decades they and their neighbours have faced growing threats to their livelihoods. Drought has made it difficult for many families to feed themselves by means of their traditional mix of subsistence activities – cultivation and cattle herding. The establishment of national parks and hunting concessions has added to the pressure on scarce resources. Competition for agricultural and grazing land has led to inter-group-conflict, made worse by the spread of automatic weapons in the 1980s and 1990s. The Mursi are amongst the best known o...
Kerala Houseboats
Kerala Houseboats The Kettuvallam (House Boat in Kerala) is a large floating structure with high loading carrying capacity was a part of Kerala’s culture and heritage over the past years. Kettuvallam could sail harnessing wild energy. A journey through the lagoon is interesting, passing through sleepy villages, busy boat jetties and vibrant celebrations. The boat glides across the shimmering blue waters with gorgeous green and fringed edges. The hull is a series of wooden planks, long cut and carved by the expert hands of the carpenter, tied together using coir with coconut fibers stuffed in between. Kettuvallam is steered by two persons in deep waters by means of oars. Long bamboo poles or ‘punts’ are used to propel in shadow...
Somsak Mining – Home Stay in the Forest
Somsak Mining – Home Stay in the Forest Adventures Trip to Somsak Mining Dist. Thong Pha Pom, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand Somsak Mining – Forest Glade Home (Home Stay in the Forest) is located in Dist Thong Pha Pom, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. This was our two days adventures trip. From Bangkok it’s approx 350 KM. (Approx 5 Hours Drive). The sightseeing around Dist. Thong Pha Pom are: 1. Pilok Market 2. Thong Pha Pom National Park 3. Kutdoihill 4. Ban Thasan 5. Waterfall 6. Mountain Trekking For more information: http://www.parglen.com When she first arrived four decades ago as a young bride from Australia, it took two days on the back of an elephant to reach the booming but remote mountain settlement. Today, the elephants ...