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Beijing 5 Days Tour
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Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
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Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
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Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
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Romantic Cambodia
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14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
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5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
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5 Days Siem Reap Tour
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Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
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Camel Safari - Explore the Desert
Camel Safari - Explore the Desert Quite the most unusual outdoors activity in Rajasthan is to take a camel safari for some of the entire duration of your trip. While the experience can be memorable. It provides an alternative way of exploring this desert state. About the only thing you will have to get used to, when you plan a camel safari, is the ungainly movement of the ship of the desert. The camel may look aloof, but is the lifeline for the people of the desert whose communication needs depend on this vital beast for their very survival. Most journeys into the hinterlands are still made on camel-back, or in camel carts, and the camel is also used for ploughing the arid fields of the desert. A saddle is mounted across the camel's hump, providing co...
Village Exploring of Rajasthan - Exotic Land of Royalty
Village Exploring of Rajasthan - Exotic Land of Royalty Rajasthan is an exotic land of royalty, loyalty endowed with invisible forts, magnificent palaces and colorful people. For visiting historical places in Rajasthan, the village safari plays an important roll. There is a collection of customs and urbanization in villages of Rajasthan. If you want to explore the other side of Rajasthan you must go for the Village Safari. Villages of Rajasthan will prove to be a wonderful getaway from the hustling city life. A village tour in Rajasthan will give you an insight into rural India. The most basic form of civilization is the villages of Rajasthan. The villages of Rajasthan are famous for their colorful lifestyle, Eco - friendly Houses, Decorative Facades, Intensely Religio...
Ballooning in Rajasthan
Ballooning in Rajasthan Enjoy hot-air ballooning there is no age restrcitions, but a you have to be very fit, as you may have to walk through paddocks after landing.There are no seats in the basket - therefore, standing for the duration of the flight, about on hour is unavoidable. Its best not to take children along with you, reason being the comfort and enjoyment of other passengers. The size of the basket is quiet small and young children often get restless when in confined areas. The walls of the baskets are usually four feet high, and small children would have difficulty in seeing over, unless carried by an adult. Adults should accompany children under 12 years. The best time to indulge in balooning is after sunrise when the winds are...
Elephant Ride - Regal Way of Seeing Rajasthan
Elephant Ride - Regal Way of Seeing Rajasthan There's no age barrier for elephant safari, since nothing can even compare with the majesty of the pachyderm-no wonder the rulers used elephants for their journeys. Equipped with a howdah, a large seat on which they would sit, complete with soft silk cushions, and with a ceremonial umbrella over their heads, modern day safaris may pale in comparison, but are no less regal on that account. The elephant treads slowly and steadily, and a safari would be ideal in and around principal towns, especially in the vicinity of wildlife sanctuaries where the same elephants can do double-duty for viewing wildlife.
Cuisines of Rajasthan - Taste of Tradition
Cuisines of Rajasthan - Taste of Tradition Rajasthani cooking was inclined to the war-like lifestyle of the medieval Rajasthan and the availability of ingredients of the region. Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred, more out of necessity than choice. Scarcity of water, fresh green vegetables have had their effect on cooking. The royal kitchens of Rajasthan, the preparation of food was a very complex matter and was raised to the levels of an art form. Thus the 'Khansamas' (the royal cooks) worked in the stately palaces and kept their most enigmatic recipes to themselves. Rajasthan is land where only handful of varieties of grains comprising of wheat, maize, millets, corn, a few pulses, beans and lentils g...
Desert Festival - Folk Culture of Rajasthan
Desert Festival - Folk Culture of Rajasthan Once a year in winters and on the middle of the continually rising and falling stark yellow sands of the great Thar Desert, the empty sands around Jaisalmer come alive with the brilliant colour, music and laughter of the Desert Festival. The festival is organised by the tourist authorities as tourist entertainment around January-February. The very rich and colourful Rajasthani folk culture is on show here for a few days. Rajasthani men and tall beautiful women dressed in their brightly costumes dance and sing lingering ballads of valour, romance and tragedy. Traditional musicians attempt to outdo each other in their musical superiority. The high points of the festival are - snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats,...
Shopping in Rajasthan
Shopping in Rajasthan Since the Indian State of Rajasthan is regarded as the hub of precious and semi-precious stones in India, so the shopping of Rajasthan is based on different kinds of rich handicrafts and handlooms which are developed and flourished under the direct patronage of royalties. Some of the famous commodities which are sold in the international market are textiles, paintings, jewellery, floor coverings, metal-ware, terracotta, blue pottery, stone craft, leather ware, toys & dolls, furniture, woodcraft with exquisite workmanship and superb artistry. Almost all the major shops of Rajasthan are accepting the major credit cards whether it is in the offbeat rural area or a lively urban market.
Art of Rajasthan
Art of Rajasthan Rajsthan's role in the development of Indian art has been very important.One of the most creative andremarkable example of Rajasthani art treasures is the world of miniature painting. As early as the beginningof the 16th century artists of Rajputana, as Rajasthan was called in ancient times, were practicing and perfecting this art.The spirit of Rajasthan's history and legend, coloured by Chivalry and romance, finds expression in miniature paintings of different painting schools. Pure Rajput paintings and those influenced by Mughal court provide an interesting insight into the lifestyle of the centuries and continue to fascinate scholars to this day. Despite new developments the magical qualityof miniature paintings co...
Dance and Music of Rajasthan
Dance and Music of Rajasthan The striking feature of Rajasthan's music and dance scene is that there is great variety. In fact, nothing much has changed since the time of their inception, probably a thousand years back. The music and dance are rooted in tradition. Although music and dance are an integral part of the daily life of Rajasthan, it is more pronounced during festivals. Songs of ancient poets like Kabir, Malookdas and Meera have become an integral part of the Rajasthani folklore. Apart from festivals, music and dance are also performed during special occasions like marriage, and childbirth. There are certain exclusive musician communities like the Bhats, the Charans, the Bhopas, the Dholis to name just a few of the communities who ha...
Pushkar Fair
Pushkar Fair Every year on the occasion of Karthik Purnima, a fabulous 10 days fair - "Pushkar Fair" is held in the enchanting desert town of Pushkar. The fair is organized by the Government of Rajasthan and attracts the owners of camels, horses, cows, goats and sheep who come with their herds for trading. Apart from trading in animals, particularly camels, the Pushkar Fair is also an occasion for celebration for the thousands of men, women and children who come from all the nooks and corners of Rajasthan to have a jolly good time. Men are conspicuous by their colorful turbans while the women folks are dressed to kill with their colorful ankle-length skirts and bejeweled from head to toe with traditional Rajasthani necklaces, w...