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Beijing 5 Days Tour
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Shanghai 4 Days Tour
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Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
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Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
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Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
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Romantic Cambodia
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14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
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5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
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5 Days Siem Reap Tour
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Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
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Trekking in Sikkim
Trekking in Sikkim Sikkim is one of the best kept secrets in the Himalayas and trekking in Sikkim can be a wonderful experience and antidote of city stress and daily life. Sikkim trekking experience can be memorable and cherished for a lifetime. While trekking one can relish the pure air and silence of wilderness, feel the awakening of the senses burdened by urban living, as one walks through the vales and dales and quaint villages. Mountains take up strange and wonderful shapes and the beauty of Sikkim Himalayas unfolds itself before you. All through each and every nook and corner of Sikkim - from the sultry tropical forests in the south to howling wilderness in the north is a trekker’s paradise. Treks to Kanchenjunga are the most fa...
Rafting in Sikkim
Rafting in Sikkim Teesta and Rangit, the two main rivers of the land prove to be a heavenly abode for river rafting enthusiasts. A rafting expedition in Teesta takes one rafting from Makha down to Sirwani and from Sirwani to Rangpo. Another expedition at Rangit starts from Sikip and leads to Nayabazar via Melli. The state tourism can be contacted for further details about river rafting trips. The equipment for white water river rafting is an oar-frame raft, which usually accommodates a maximum of eight persons. An experienced guide using two large oars navigates it. Sometimes all persons on board use paddle for greater power to match the river. However, keen coordination is necessary and it is important not to fight the current if ...
Mountain Biking in Sikkim
Mountain Biking in Sikkim Bikes are the stuff that drives youth crazy. Each one of you must have tried your impeccable driving skills at road biking, but in Sikkim we have something more interesting for you. Yes champs, you're right, it is mountain biking. Mountain Biking is a sport that is tantalizing and enticing to try out for yourself. In Sikkim, you can enjoy this adventurous biking sport in the rugged terrain and steep zones. In the recent years, mountain biking has been started, considering the heartening response of tourists in Sikkim. Here, the roads are good enough to afford the solid tyres of bikes. For bikers, driving bikes in mountainous zone becomes the next level of biking after roads. The anticipation says that mountain bik...
Monasteries in Sikkim
Monasteries in Sikkim Sikkim hosts some of the best Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries are spread far and wide in Sikkim and truly display the cultural heritage that has been practised in Sikkim since centuries. All the homestay destinations are near some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and visits to these monasteries can be an enduring and an enriching experience. Red robed lamas enchanting sacred mantras, drums and trumpets blowing wildly in the background, prayer wheels whirring vibrantly and white lights flickering from decorative lamps is a not only a ritualistic presentation but is also a true picture of a rich cultural heritage and religious lifestyle of the people of Sikkim which is closely interwoven with the monastery ...
Mountaineering in Sikkim
Mountaineering in Sikkim Sikkim, cradled amidst snow clad mountain peaks is one of the most ideal destinations for the trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. In the southwestern part of Sikkim, in the main Himalayan range, lies the majestic Khangchendzonga or Kanchenjunga, standing tall with a height of 8,585 m (28,169 ft) above sea level. In addition to Kanchenjunga, there are several other mountain peaks which offers some good mountaineering opportunities. Mountaineering expeditions, unlike trekking, require more planning and paperwork as clearance is required from Ladian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi. Local Government also imposes royalty on some peaks. The first European to explore the Kanchenjungha area was Douglas W. Fresfie...
Restaurants in Gangtok
Restaurants in Gangtok All good trips start with a healthy food. Keeping this simple funda in life, Gangtok city offers you lot of tasty food and cuisine to choose from. If you are coming to Sikkim, one thing you should stop worrying is healthy food. Gangtok offers you with such a large number of tasty food restaurants that you will be delighted. Your tummy will keep asking for if you had a unique Gangtok cuisine. The food here in Sikkim is a mixture of Chinese, Bhutanese, Nepalese and Indian cooking. So you will have some great food in Gangtok both in veg and non-veg dishes. Apart from Gangtok cuisine, one can easily choose from easily available Thai to Intercontinental, from Italian to Mexican and Indian cuisine. Food is quiet affordable ...
Cuisines of Sikkim
Cuisines of Sikkim The food pattern in Sikkim is not limited to either vegetarian or non vegetarian as both are easily available here. One can relish Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines at Sikkim with a very limited range of continental cuisine also available. A wide array of local fare is available in Sikkim that proves to be a gourmet's real delight. Traditional Momos and Thukpa are found everywhere and taste great. There are several good reaturants in Sikkim that specialize these traditional delicacies. Cafe Tibet at Gangtok is an ideal fast food joint. If you are going to the Northern part of Sikkim, you will have a very limited choice of dishes owing to the remoteness of the region. Especially at Lachung, Yumthang and Lachen, ...
Shopping in Sikkim
Shopping in Sikkim Shopping can be a real wholesome experience to the tourists visiting Sikkim. The local handicrafts are a must buy here which can be picked up from the Government Institute of Cottage Industry in Gangtok or the Dalai Lama Trust Fund shop in the basement of Hotel Tibet. Though some other shops in the region also sell these but the prices and quality differ. Apart from the handicrafts, canvas wall hangings, thankas, prayer wheels, Tibetan carpets, rugs and jewellery can also be picked as return gifts for your friends and family. One of the most unique items to be bought from Sikkim is a Dragon set. Exclusively carved in silver and gold, these sets are inlaid with precious stones. You can also bring home the popular te...
Dances of Sikkim
Dances of Sikkim Chu Fat Dance - Mount Khangchenjunga, the life force of the state is honored by the people of Lepcha community in the form of this dance. The mount along with four of its associate peaks namely Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kabru, Mt. Simbrum and Mt. Narshing is revered via this age old dance. Believed to be the warehouse of five hidden treasures like Salt, Medicine, Minerals, Sacred books and Food grains, these snowy peaks are honored by the dancers carrying butter lamps and green bamboo leaves. Performed on the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the Northern Buddhist calendar, this ritualistic annual feature is accompanied by devotional songs. Another famous dance of the community is the Sikmari Dance which is a customary o...
Spiritual Rejuvenation
Spiritual Rejuvenation The homestay destinations are exclusive in terms of peacefulness and serenity. Away from the crowd and with beautiful Himalayan backdrops, these destinations are ideal for meditation practitioners. Meditation camps can also be conducted as these destinations. There aren't any instructors for meditation or yoga in the village, there are to be endured by the travelling group or individuals, however locations can be suggested and logistics can be arranged.Experience and live with the people of different mountain communities of Sikkim.Travel to the pure and pristine settings of Sikkim, a distinctive rural ecotourism destination. Mesmerized yourself with the untainted lands and traditional lifestyles of the land and its pe...