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Beijing 5 Days Tour
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Shanghai 4 Days Tour
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Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
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Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
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Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
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Romantic Cambodia
Duration 18 days - Price start from $3442/- USD per person

14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
Duration 14 days - Price start from $904/- USD per person

5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
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5 Days Siem Reap Tour
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Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
Duration 3 days - Price start from $159/- USD per person

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Dance of Orissa
Dance of Orissa Orissa Dance represents the cultural extravaganza of the East Indian state. Music, dance, poetry and drama forms an integral part of the state's cultural potpourri and reflects the ethos of the state. One of the most popular forms of dance that originates in the state of Orissa happens to be the Odissi dance. Odissi, the quintessential classical dance of Orissa is essentially a religious dance. The dance owes its origin to the temples that are peppered all over Orissa. The religious Diaspora of Orissa is renowned all across the Indian subcontinent. The Odissi dance reflects the deep-rooted religious fervor and is a fantastic medley of rhythm, bhangi and mudras that have an inimitable quality of their own. The roma...
Crafts of Orissa
Crafts of Orissa The unique range of Orissa crafts portrays the rich artistic caliber and creative imagination of the local craftsmen. An important social and cultural hub of India, Orissa is known for its exclusive saris, metal works, sand arts, stone and wood carvings, terracotta work and hornwork. The metal work industry of Orissa produces exclusive items of metal wares, antique pieces of jewelries and other decorative products. The areas of Phulbani, Tarva, Behrampur, Kantilo and Chandanpur specialize in carving excellent products of metal wares. The cotton and silk saris with unique design patterns of Orissa have an internationally acclaimed status. An integral part of traditional Indian culture, the saris of Orissa is wo...
Painting of Orissa
Painting of Orissa The paintings of Orissa date as far back as the prehistoric era when the primitive man would sculpt images on the walls of the caves and fill them with color. The origin of these rock-shelter paintings is apocryphal. While the Vikram Khol paintings date back to the prehistoric era, the Manikmada paintings belong to the historic era that spans between 300 BC and 100 AD. Several crude drawings or paintings resembling human figures have been discovered on the surface of rocks located at Digapahandi and Bramapur in Ganjam district. The tribal and folk paintings of Orissa illustrate the bucolic culture of the state. Although not a part of the quintessential classical art, this decorative craft comprises of several stri...
Festivals in Daman and Diu
Festivals in Daman and Diu The Daman and Diu festivals are a significant part of the cultural life of the union territory. The people who live in this part of India celebrate the festivals with pomp and grandeur. Two major festivals of Daman and Diu are Garba Festival and Folk Dance Festival. The Garba festival is one of the most important festivals in Daman and Diu. This festival stretches for nine days at a stretch when the young generation people rejoice by dancing in bright and colorful dresses and accessories. This festival is celebrated to pay homage to Goddess Amba. On this occasion, a variety of devotional dances and songs are performed. The festival starts with the age-old rituals associated with the worship of Goddess Amba. On...
Foods of Daman
Foods of Daman Daman foods are characterized by a predominance of vegetarian preparations. Bound by the state of Gujarat, Daman presents a plethora of dishes from the vegetarian cuisine. Non vegetarian dishes are also prepared in some of the restaurants. Daman has a heterogeneous culture with people from different cultures settling in the region. The food of Daman reflects the heterogeneity of the region. Cuisines from all round the globe are prepared in the restaurants of Daman. Authentic Parsee dishes are also prepared in the restaurants of Daman. The people of Daman often engage in wining and dining recreational activities. There are notable restaurants along the beaches of the region and in the mainland that serve the de...
Restaurants in Daman
Restaurants in Daman Daman restaurants serve some of the delectable delicacies from the cuisines of the world. Most of the restaurants of Daman are placed along the beaches of the region. Bound by the state of Gujarat, Daman food is dominated by the vegetarian cuisine. Non vegetarian food are also available in the restaurants of the region. Authentic Parsee food are also prepared in the restaurants in Daman. Sea food is extremely popular in the restaurants at Daman. Most of the restaurants of Daman are thematically decorated. A host of beach restaurants are found along the Devka Beach at Daman. Along the beaches of Daman also stand a line of refreshment joints and fast food centers. Garden and roof top restaurants are also present...
Culture of Daman and Diu
Culture of Daman and Diu The Daman and Diu people have a lot of similarities with that of the people who live in the neighboring state of Gujarat. The people of this union territory follow the social customs and rituals that are commonly visited in Gujarat. The cultural life of this union territory of India is actually an amalgamation of European, Indian and tribal elements. A variety of music and dances are an integral part of the culture of the place. A number of festivals and fairs add to the cultural richness of the region. The main language spoken by the people in Daman and Diu is Gujarati. The place has a varied cultural lineage. The population of the region belong to three major religions of India, which are Christianity, Hindu...
Boating in Puducherry
Boating in Puducherry The facilities of boating in Pondicherry (Puducherry) are particularly popular among the leisure travelers. Boat trips to the offshore dolphins will surely add to your pleasure. However for the dolphin trips prior reservations are required. The Tourist office and the Seagulls Restaurant make arrangements for boating in Pondicherry. The picturesque backwaters and the lush green verdure along the two sides of the Chunnambar River can be best explored on boat trips. The affordable rates make the boating in Pondicherry popular among the locals as well. Boats can be rented for trips on all seven days of week. A single boathouse can be reserved for minimum five people. If the boat is full to its capacity, the boat ride w...
Yoga Therapy in Puducherry
Yoga Therapy in Puducherry Yoga is an ancient form of Hindu discipline, which is aimed at attaining perfect spiritual insight and tranquility through meditation and physical exercise. It belongs to the prestigious schools of Hindu philosophy. Hindu scriptures like the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and many other spiritual texts depict the origin of this legendary form of the art. Since its inception this ancient form of physical art has undergone many changes from time to time. Yoga Sport has been the latest addition in this discipline. Yoga therapy in Pondicherry has played a major role in promoting the yoga sport movement. Pondicherry Yoga associations conduct a number of yoga related events round the year to inv...
Festivals in Puducherry
Festivals in Puducherry Puducherry is a land of festive and celebration, which gives you a wonderful insight into the prevailing culture of the region. Pondicherry is a home to several temples and shrines, where Lord Sulramaniar and Devi temples are some of the popular names. Participate in the prevailing festivals and events in Pondicherry, which are worth appreciating. The ritual at the fire walking festival rejoices you where a participant needs to fast for a stretch of 40 days. It is during this festival, one is supposed to wear saffron colored attires. This festival is initiated when a participant walks bare-feet over the long stretch of fire display. The most astonishing part of this event is that one barely burns their feet during ...