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Beijing 5 Days Tour
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Shanghai 4 Days Tour
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Guilin Longsheng Miao Village 4 Days Tour
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Xian 3 Days Culture Tour
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Xian 3 Days City And Huashan Mountain Tour Culture Tour
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Romantic Cambodia
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14 Day Highlights of Cambodia
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5 Days Siem Reap Temple Tour
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5 Days Siem Reap Tour
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Triple A Adventures 3 Days Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Tour
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Festivals in Maharashtra
Festivals in Maharashtra Maharashtra hosts many festivals and special events. For the traveller in pursuit of the out-of-the-ordinary insight into the cultural heritage of Maharashtra, the Ellora Festival (Indian Classical Dance), the Prithvi Theatre Festival, the Sur Singar (Indian Classical Music) and the Music, Dance, and Drama Festival held in Mumbai, as well as religious festivals and fairs like the Kumbha Mela at Nasik, Id, Parsi New Year, Easter and Christmas and Hindu festivals of Holi, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi showcase the state’s multi cultural diversity. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with cultural and religious events in Bombay and Pune is dedicated to elephant-headed God Ganesh and culminates in processions ...
Dances of Maharashtra
Dances of Maharashtra Maharashtra is famous for its vibrant music and folk dances such as lavnis, gondhals, bharuds and povadas. The religious festivals of Maharashtra are great occasions for social entertainment. Various folk dances of Maharashtra that are performed during the festivals or special occasions, represent its rich cultural heritage. Lavni Lavni is supposed to be the identity of Maharashtra. It is one of the most favourite dances of Maharashtra. It is a combination of traditional dance and song, and is performed on the enchanting rhythm of drum like instrument called as dholak. Attractive women wearing the nine-yard saris perform this dance. They take spiral movements on the pulsating beats of the traditional music. The...
Cuisines of Maharashtra
Cuisines of Maharashtra Maharashtra is known for its delicious and mouth watering food culture with the unique art of making the dishes. The manner of serving the food is also very special and unique because their culture is strongly believed that 'Anna he poorna brahma' meaning they consider 'anna', or food, equal to 'Brahma', or the creator of the universe. Food is God, to be worshipped. Their hospitality is world famous and represents India among the best hosts around the world. The region has both vegetarian and non vegetarian type of dishes. Even within the state we can find the distinguished flavors in the food prepared. The cuisine of the state is divided into two main streams, the Konkani and the Varadi. Sea fishes and coconut are...
Art and Crafts of Maharashtra
Art and Crafts of Maharashtra From handloom weavers who create intricate patterns in silks and cottons to leather workers who make the comfortable and ubiquitous ‘kohlapuri’ slippers, Maharashtra has many crafts to tempt visitors. The exquisite gold brocade and silk ‘Paithani" sarees made in the village of Paithan in Aurangabad, take the weaver years to make and cost a minor fortune but are treasured heirlooms. Aurangabad is also the home of silk and cotton woven textiles made into beautiful shawls, stoles and bedcovers. Pune, Sholapur and Kohlapur are places where the traditional nine-yard sarees worn by the local women, are made and can be bought in either silk or cotton. Local fruit produce is converted into preserves, jams, jellies, ...
Trekking in Pachmarhi
Trekking in Pachmarhi Enjoy a wondrous trek in Pachmarhi. Starting off from the famed Pandav Caves right up to Dhoopgarh; trekking in Pachmarhi would acquaint you of the serene scapes of the Satpura Range. The Pandav Caves are said to have nestled the five Pandav brothers (heroes of the of world's longest epic, the Mahabharat) during their exile. In fact Pachmarhi has been named after these five caves. Enjoy the panoramas of wooded hills, span deep gorges and the impressive sight of the Big Falls.Trek up to the Falls to watch the stream fall across a deep gorge while you soak in some sun. You could even venture out to explore the Fairy Pool (aka ApsaraVihar) which apparently was a favourite picnic spot with the British. Your spirutality an...
Shopping in Madhya Pradesh
Shopping in Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh is renowned for its textile products. Once upon a time the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh used to weave the finest muslins. The tradition still seems to be alive in exquisite Chanderi and Maheshwari saris. Zari work of Madhya Pradesh is also quite famous. Apart from that, there are few more specialty handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh, which may arrest your eyes while shopping in Madhya Pradesh. You may know the handicrafts of Bastar are acclaimed globally. Now the region is in Chhattisgarh but once, it was a part of Madhya Pradesh. So it is quite common to spot in Madhya Pradesh the crafts sourced from Bastar. A large number of government Emporia, which are named as Mriganayani are available through...
Food in Madhya Pradesh
Food in Madhya Pradesh The cuisine in Madhya Pradesh varies from region to region. The north and west are mainly wheat-and-meat based, while the wetter south and east are rice and fish dominated. Gwalior and Indore abound in milk and milk-based preparations. Bhopal produces exquisite meat and fish dishes, of which the spicy rogan josh, delicious korma, luscious keema, all-season favourite biryani pilaf and succulent kababs such as shami and seekh are almost legendary. But heavens dont even think of trying all of these together unless you want to get the stomach upset of the century. They are extremely rich, spicy and creamy dishes. An interesting dish is the bafla (wheat cakes) dunked in rich ghee which are eaten with daal (a pungent len...
Music in Madhya Pradesh
Music in Madhya Pradesh Like in all other aspects, Madhya Pradesh has a rich history in music as well. The most notable and inspiring feature of the music is that they have been least intruded by effects of outside world and their cultures. Tribal music is the same as it was before, Bhakti songs(Devotional) of medieval times still touch your soul and take you to the world of spirituality. When it comes to music of Madhya Pradesh, one person who cannot be left out is the legendary Tansen. He was tagged as one of the nine ratnas of Akbar's court. There is also a music festival named after him, Tansen Music Festival that is held every year in Gwalior. All great exponents of Indian classical music perform here and millions of music lovers gather...
Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh
Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh Crafting bamboo articles for daily as well as decorative use is a popular pastime of the Gond, Baiga, Korku and Basor or Basod communities.Bamboo thickets are a common sight in the state and the tribals are experts at putting it to use. You can buy anything from agricultural implements, fishing traps, hunting tools to baskets at local weekly markets. Apart from Chhattisgarh and Bastar, the main bamboo producing centres are Shahdol, Balaghat, Mandla and Seoni. Carpet Weaving - Carpet-weaving which came to India from Persia, was a craft very dear to the Mughals. Thanks to their encouragement and patronage, Gwalior developed into a carpet-weaving centre. The weavers here are undisputed masters of not only weaving bu...
Dances of Madhya Pradesh
Dances of Madhya Pradesh Dance in Madhya Pradesh have been a tradition since long time. The major Population that resides in Madhya Pradesh is of tribal people, so most of the dances practiced here are also of tribal nature. You can witness their dances in any of their fairs or festivals. These dances have not been influenced even a bit by outside traditions and have retained their charm and uniqueness for many centuries. Madhya Pradesh is host to the world famous Khajuraho Dance Festival. Masters of different dances like Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak and many other classical dances perform here with the backdrop of floodlit Khajuraho Temples. The music in the region has also remained unaltered for ages. The singing style and the in...