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Architecture of Saudi Arabia Go Back
Saudi Arabia is a land rich in culture and heritage. Keeping in mind the desert climate and the extremities of temperature architects of the past had constructed ideal abodes for the residents. Typically the Arab architecture falls under four distinct schools - the central Najd Plateau, the Arabian Gulf coastal region, the Hijaz region along the Red Sea coast and the Asir region in the southwest. Each of these schools follow distinctive styles. The Architecture of Saudi Arabia is ancient and renowned. In fact the Saudi Arabian Architecture speaks oodles about the inherent artistry of its people.
Architecture of Saudi Arabia is exceptional also because the building materials used to construct these magnificent edifices are produced in situ. Therefore the structures in the Arab Gulf coast are made of limestone which is found in abundance here. On the other hand the Najd Plateau which is deficient in limestone but rich in silt deposit has houses made out of a mixture of clay and silt. Coral was the building material for the houses in the Hijaz region in Saudi Arabia.
The artifacts and the structures that we come across when discussing the Architecture in Saudi Arabia in Asia are very different from Western modern architecture. Concrete and processed cement are not the key ingredients for construction rather most of these buildings use palm tree leaves and tree trunks to make pillars and roofs. This makes the Architecture of Saudi Arabia an art in itself. Stone and wood are used extensively for further ornamentation of the buildings. These marvelous constructs are not only feast for the viewers' eyes but excellent dwelling places for the people.
The Culture of Saudi Arabia is thoroughly reflected in its architecture. Arts and Crafts of Saudi Arabia, Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia, History of Saudi Arabia and Music and Dance of Saudi Arabia are other interesting aspects about this country which a tourist may quickly take a look at when going through the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide.
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