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Caving in New Zealand Have a Different Experience Go Back
Caving in New Zealand is the most unique adventure sports in New Zealand. This small country is held in high esteem among the countries in the South Pacific coast mainly for its excellent natural beauty. Although New Zealand is quiet popular for all its exhilarating holiday activities and adventurous sports, but caving in New Zealand is the most thrilling among all of them.

The pure, green, solitary landscapes of New Zealand create the perfect ambiance for the various outdoor activities.

There are number of caves in New Zealand, stuffed with stalactites and stalagmites formation. In the North Island the main caving areas are the Waitomo in the Waitomo region, Waipu (Northland), Waikaretu (Auckland), Ahuriri (Hawke's Bay), some of them, you can walk and float through. These floating trips are known as black water rafting. Some caves also require abseiling, climbing and squeezing.

In the Southern caves, there are underground tours conducted in the Takaka and Murchison (Nelson), Fiordland, Karamea, Collingwood, Charleston and Greymouth (West Coast), Harwood's Hole. You need to be very careful while caving through these caves. The Motueka -Takaka road in the Nelson region is the deepest sink hole in the Southern Hemisphere.
The common features in most of the caves are glow worms, which sticks like blue stars on the ceiling of the caves.

The travelers, who include caving in New Zealand in their New Zealand Travel schedule, will get an elating chance to view the sculptured limestone formations, the ulterior streams and water falls, the pre-historical fossils, and the galaxy of glowworms.
There are certain security measures to be taken while on a caving tour, they are:

One should never go alone, a group should be organized: The equipment like ropes, harnesses, lamps, headlamps attached to the helmets, torch and candles, should be reliable and in good condition, they should be checked before heading out for the trip.
A First Aid Kit should be carried Independent trials without guidance, training and experience shouldn't be attempted The individual should be physically fit
So, all the brave hearts fasten your wet suit and rubber boots, put on your helmet and head on for a experience, which is different.

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