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Culture of Bahrain Go Back
Culture of Bahrain is mixture of many castes and religious believes. It has many sects jostling together, arts and music defining the nature of the people of Bahrain. Culture of Bahrain has been influenced on and often by the political unrest that has taken place. The Culture of Bahrain upholds the tradition of the inhabitants and at the same time presents us a modern picture of Bahrain.

Predominantly a Muslim country, Culture of Bahrain is tolerant towards many other castes and sects. The people freely practice Christianity and also other Asian religion. The demography of Bahrain shows that besides the natives, there are also Palestinians, Omanis and Saudis. There are also people hailing from other foreign countries like Iran, India, Pakistan, United States and also Britain.

Traditional dress of Bahrain - The dress pattern of Bahrain speaks about the culture of the people. A typical Bahraini women dress quite conservatively. They were abaya that is a long, loose fitting gown, usually of black color. The men wear thobe and heard dresses like Keffiyeh, Ghutra and Agal. Some also put on Bisht, which is a woolen cloak over the thobe.
Art and Music - The chief art of Bahrain is the reciting of Quran, ceremonial dances and storytelling. Khaleeji, a Persian Gulf area folk song is also played by Bahrain. Fidjeri is a typical artistic performance by the pearl diving male section. It is a lively musical performance that involves clapping, playing the drum and also dances with earthen water jugs. Lute and Rabecca are the common musical instruments. Ardha, a popular sword dance is also popular form of dance performance in Bahrain.

Some of the most important festivals of Bahrain are Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha. The other common festivals include Ashoura, Ramadan, Prophet's birthday, Bahrain's National Day and Bahrain Independence Day.

Culture of Bahrain increases your knowledge about the country and acquaints you with the important facts about Bahrain.


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