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Etiquette of Japan Go Back
The people of Japan follow etiquettes which emphasizes on manners. Etiquette is very closely followed among the Japanese. Some customs are not true in all regions of Japan and some have changed over the course of history.

Bathing is an important Japanese Etiquette. People go for a bath every day and it is a part of their daily routine. In a traditional Japanese home, each family bathes one by one in order of seniority traditionally starting with the oldest male.

Bowing is probably the nest known Japanese Etiquette outside Japan. It is considered to be an important custom in Japan. Children learn how to bow from a very young age. Bows can be classified into three types such as informal, formal and very formal. Informal bows are made at about fifteen degree angle and formal bows about thirty degrees. Very formal bows are usually much deeper.

Eating and drinking are considered to be an important part of Japanese Etiquette. In most cases, meals in Japan begin with the phrase itadakimasu which means I believe. Some individuals use the phrase before they begin each and every meal. One must clean their plate after they are done with their meal and children are especially encouraged to do so. It is impolite if you pick out certain items and leave out the rest. While eating, you must chew with your mouth closed. Some people in Japan also consider it rude to eat in public places and on trains.

While visiting someone's house in Japan, it is the custom that you take off your shoes before entering. During winters, if you are wearing a coat or hat to keep yourself warm while visiting someone's house, it is a custom that you take off your coat and hat before the host opens the door.

People in Japan exchange gifts among near and dear ones. There are two gifting seasons in Japan; one is winter and the other summer. It is considered impolite to visit someone's house without a gift. The gift is generally carried in a bag, then taken out and then the bag is placed underneath the gift before being handed over to the host. A custom in Japan is women present men with chocolates on Valentine's Day. This is custom is also performed by the male one month after Valentine's Day which is called White Day.

Greetings are considered to be an integral part of Japanese Etiquette. It considered and practiced in schools and colleges to deliver greetings with energy and vigor. You bow and shake hands while meeting and before you part ways instead of simply saying goodbye, you must make a wish to meet them again.
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