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The Food of Austria is often equated with Viennese cuisine and is derived from the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The cuisines and food of Austria has been influenced greatly by the dishes and methods of food preparations in Hungary, Czech and Italy. The Austrian Cuisine is therefore one of the multi-cultural one in Europe. Goulash is one example of this type of cuisine. Austrian food is famous in the world for its pastries and sweets. In recent times a new regional cuisine has also developed which lay emphasis on local products and employs modern and easy methods of preparation.

If you are looking for a snack in between meals, then Austrian food offers you open sandwiches, different kinds of sausage with mustard and bread, sliced sausage, Schnitzelsemmeln or Leberkase rolls. Some of the typical food of Austria includes the Bosna or Bosner, a spiced bratwurst in a hot dog roll which is an integral part of the menu at Austria's typical fast-food joint.

Austrians are absolute desserts lovers and thus it forms an important part of the food of Austria. One of the most loved desserts is vanillekipferl, which are crescent-shaped cookies coated in confectioner's sugar, sometimes served around Christmas season. The dough is made with vanilla bean and almonds. Austrians also make many cakes and chocolates. Other sweet things include Marzipan, which is sweet almond paste sometimes dipped in chocolate; Heisse Schokolade, which translates as hot chocolate and is served with homemade schlag.
Some of the most typical food of Austria are Vanillekipferl, (sweet vanilla-hazelnut biscuits); Apfelstrudel (a kind of apple dessert); Topfenstrudel (a cream cheese strudel); Palatschinke (a Viennese crepe, from the Hungarian palacsinta); Buchteln (yeast and butter bakery filled with apricot jam); Sachertorte (a chocolate cake); Tafelspitz (boiled beef, often served with apple and horseradish sauce); Beuschel (a ragout containing calf lungs and heart).

In Lower Austria, local delicacies such as Waldviertel poppies, Marchfeld asparagus and Wachau apricots are cultivated. These items are used liberally in the local cuisine, for example in poppy noodles. Upper Austrian Cuisine offers various types of dumpling, as they are in neighboring Bavaria and Bohemia. The Linzer Torte, a cake which includes ground nuts and marmalade, is a popular dessert from the upper region of Austria.
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