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Korean Folk Village Religious Ceremonies and Festivals Go Back
Folklore religion- Religions in Korea were divided into three
large categories: Shamanism, worship of the house god and worship of the
village god. Shamanism is a religion centered around shamans and can belargely divided into kang-sin-mu and hereditary shaman. The name ofshaman differed by region and praying method. Worshipping of the housegod was generally observed by performing ritual services to house site god,three gods governing childbirth, ancestor god, house master god, the god of earth, toilet god, and dragon god were performed. Worshipping of thevillage god was observed by performing ritual service for the god who guards the village. A shrine of the mountain god, Sansindang, was built on the hill at the back of the village and a tomb of prosperity was placed in front of the village to pray for prosperity, expulsion of misfortune, and happiness.
Lifelong rites were performed at different stages of life to signify acquisition of a new position and the change of one's role in society. Ancestor memorial services were performed for commemorating ancestors, unity and peaceful harmony of the family and are divided into charae, kije, and myoje.

Since most Koreans subsisted on agriculture in the past, they
enjoyed festivals and entertainment in the form of mock farming, paying
homage for abundant crops. Festivals gave developed regional and seasonal variations, some of which, have attained the level of being art. The methods of their existence and how they were transmitted divide them into two categories; group entertainment and individual entertainment. Among the group entertainment are farmer's music and dance, maskdance, the tug of war, Kossaum, or a treading the earth spirit festival and the first full-moon night festival which contributed to the harmony and unity of community members. Among the individual enter-tainment are Baduk(Korean checkers), chess, archery and card gameswhich are enjoyed by adults. and shuttlecock game, stilts, beads game,stick-tossing game and pinwheels which are enjoyed by children.
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