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Top Holidays
Altai Tavan Bogd Trek
Duration 21 days - Price start from $500/- USD per day

Altai, Hangai and Gobi Drive
Duration 25 days - Price start from $3000/- USD per day

Altai Eagle and Horse festivals
Duration 11 days - Price start from $180/- USD per person

Classic Eagle Hunting
Duration 12 days - Price start from $500/- USD per person

Altai Horse Ride
Duration 15 days - Price start from $500/- USD per person

Go to Eagle Festival with Eaglehunters and Altai Explore
Duration 15 days - Price start from $180/- USD per person

Life and Culture of Steppe People
Duration 15 days - Price start from $350/- USD per person

Altai Princess-Plateau Ukok
Duration 15 days - Price start from $500/- USD per person

Altai Trek and Glacier Climb
Duration 11 days - Price start from $1000/- USD per person

Hermen Tsav-The World End
Duration 16 days - Price start from $350/- USD per person

Mongolia safe for tourists, but beware of the clubs Go Back
Visitors who wish to go to Mongolia must go first to Beijing, Seoul or Moscow, from which there are regular flights to the landlocked country. There are several airlines serving the Beijing-Jakarta route, including China Airlines. Travelers can also take a train from Moscow or Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

Travel inside Mongolia is generally safe and people can take either a taxi or a bus to go everywhere they want. There are many travel bureaus in Ulaanbaatar that can arrange trips to the countryside, including a stay with a Mongolian family in a Ger. (a traditional tent where nomad Mongolians lives).

Generally, Mongolia is safe for tourists, despite several cases of pick pocketing and violence. Beware when you visit a marketplace or nightclubs. Communication services in the country are relatively good. Internet shops can be found on almost every corner of the city, same with telephone shops. International calling cards are reliable and inexpensive.

The hostel provides free kitchen facilities, storage space. It also provides city maps and ticket information for onward travel. Restaurants in Mongolia provide traditional Mongolian food, which is dominated by meat. But, you can also find Chinese and Korean cuisines and even Western cuisines in restaurants in downtown Ulaanbaatar.

Weather can be problem for foreigners in Mongolia. During the winter, the temperature can drop to minus 44 Celsius, while the hottest temperature during the summer is some 35 Celsius. The temperature can change rapidly. In the summer, at 10 a.m the temperature can be 32 Celsius when the sky is blue, but it can drop to 18 in the afternoon if clouds roll in. During the summer, the sun normally sets at 10.30 p.m.

You may be advised to bring sun cream to protect your skin and lip gloss as well. The very arid weather can really dry out lips. You are also advised to bring bottled water to prevent dehydration.

source: www.discovermongolia.mn
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