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Music of the Dominican Republic is very famous all over the world. Dominican Republic is renowned for being the creator of Merengue music. Merengue music is a type of lively, fast-paced rhythm and dance music that consists of a tempo of about 120 to 160 beats per minute. This music of the Dominican Republic is based on musical elements like drums, brass and chorded instruments.
The syncopated beats of Merengue music of the Dominican Republic use Latin percussion, brass instruments, bass and piano or keyboard. Merengue music is a dance hall music that was declared the national music of the Dominican Republic during the Trujillo regime. Some of the reputed Merengue singers of the Dominican Republic include Juan Luis Guerra, Fernando Villalona, Eddy Herrera, Sergio Vargas, Tono Rosario, Johnny Ventura and Milly Quezada.
Bachata of Dominican Republic is also a form of music of the Dominican Republic. Dance is also a part of Bachata. This form of music of the Dominican Republic originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhood. Bachata is very popular in this country and its subjects are often romantic. Bachata is mainly influenced by Merengue and a variety of Latin American guitar styles.
Dominican rock is also a popular form of music of the Dominican Republic. Dominican rock is a famous genre among the younger crowds of the country. Dominican rock is influenced by British and American rock. However, it has got its own style. Dominican rock had started in the early 80s. At that time, Luis Dias came into the scene of Dominican rock and created the genre. Luis Dias was considered to be the father of Dominican rock. After that, there have been over 60 Dominican rock bands, who captured the field of music of the Dominican Republic. Toque Profundo, Tabu Tek, Al-Jadaqui Tribu del Sol, Top 40, TKR, Poket, La Siembra, La Reforma and Gonzalez are some of the successful Dominican rock bands.
Reggaeton is another popular form of music of the Dominican Republic. Reggaeton is closely associated with Puerto Rican music. Dominican reggaeton is a mixture of American hip hop music and reggae. Other elements of reggaeton are bachata, merengue and the Bomba rhythm.