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Saudi Arabia takes initiative to increase global awareness of its tourism attractions. Saudi Arabia's tourism authority, the Supreme Commission for Tourism (SCT), is serious about opening its tourism industry.

As part of this commitment, SCT Secretary General Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has signed a contract with an international media company to make promotional documentaries and clips about the kingdom.

According to the Saudi Arabia tourism authority, the 10-minute main clip from the 19 planned will be about Saudi Arabia in general and its culture the SCT The other clips will be about each of the 13 provinces in the Kingdom with a running time of five minutes each.

Five other clips will show the natural beauty of the Kingdom, its mountains, seacoasts, history, culture, shopping malls, entertainment and recreational facilities.
All clips will be shown in English and Arabic via electronic media, exhibitions, and festivals and on various events through out the kingdom.

In the past, SCT produced clips about the kingdom's heritage and culture that won 18 international awards.

These video clips will be ready for broadcast in the coming six months, said an SCT official of media and public relations.

SCT in cooperation with the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce will also hold a film festival in Jeddah.

More than 30 short films will be screened including Saudi, Gulf and Russian films with English subtitles.

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