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Saudi Arabia: Things to Know Go Back
Saudi Arabia is a beautiful land replete with ancient deserts, Mediterranean coast lines, flavorsome cuisine and archaeological wonders. However, before your visit, there are some Things to Know in Saudi Arabia, that'll help you enjoy your trip in the country to the maximum. Here's some Useful Information in Saudi Arabia in Asia, for your convenience:
Saudi Arabia strictly follows the tenets of the Islamic faith, so alcohol is prohibited throughout the country. Some refreshing alternatives you could enjoy in the hotel bars include fruit drinks, non-alcoholic beverages etc. Also, remember that while pork is strictly forbidden, use of lamb and chicken is liberal in Saudi food.
According to the law, visitors are not allowed into the country along with their pets. However, you can bring in guard dogs and hunter dogs, provided you have the proper veterinary certificates.
Cultural norms include a strict dress code for men and women of the land, though tourists don't have a dress code as such. Remember to accept any invitation to a dinner that you may get, in keeping with the tenets of the traditional Culture of Saudi Arabia.
Other Things to Know in Saudi Arabia would include some information about the local infrastructure, hospitals and health centers etc. The country's international airports as well as premium hospitals are located in big cities such as Riyadh, Al Dammam and Dahran. The most convenient means of Transportation in Saudi Arabia include planes, trains and taxis.
So, armed with these Things to Know in Saudi Arabia as part of your Saudi Arabia Travel Guide, be prepared to enjoy your beautiful desert sojourn!
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