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The Geography of Mexico Go Back
The Geography of Mexico is varied and versatile in its form. As you come to this place you will get to see several types of geographical contrasts like deserts and mountain within a single place. Also, there are tropical beaches which you will love to enjoy during your tour to Mexico. Possessing different types of geographical varieties, this is an important country which is located in North America. The neighboring countries which surround Mexico are United States in the north, while in the southern and western part there are vast stretches of Pacific Ocean, towards the eastern part there is the Gulf of Mexico. Now, let us explore The Geography of Mexico in more details.
Climatically, the country of Mexico is divided by Tropic of Cancer into temperate and tropical regions. As you go to north you will feel cooler, especially during winters. While in the southern part, the temperature is moderate throughout the year. If we speak in a more general way about the climatic conditions, we can say that Mexico is a place which experiences a median temperature which is blessed with a pleasant summer and mild winters.
A special feature that comes as an important part of Geography of Mexico is its physical features. In the northern part, there is barren desert of Mexico. The desert which lies in the central region is the Chihuahua Desert. This desert is further extended to the eastern part of Mexico. There is another desert known as Sonora Desert which is covering from central part and goes to the Pacific Coast. Besides desert area, you will be getting long ranging mountain ranges the maximum altitude is about seven thousand feet above the sea level. The mountain ranges are Sierra Madre Occidental lying in the east. In the western part you will have Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Volcanica Transversal in the mountain range which is in the southern section of the country. A famous mountain peak which is in this country is Smoking Mountain.
The last physical feature that you will be getting in the Mexican Geography is the tropical beaches which are lying along the Pacific Ocean and extends along the Caribbean Sea. According to the Mexican Tourism, these beaches are one of the hot spots for vacation.
An interesting fact about Mexico is that in is one of the most seismologically active regions that can be found on Earth.
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