Vietnam: River Rafting and Kayaking in May

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Vietnam has more than three thousands kilometers of coastline that is dotted with many beautiful lagoons, archipelago, bay among them Halong Bay is considered as the most spectacular sea kayaking destination in the world. Vietnam has a single rainy season during the south monsoon (May-Sep) but for River Rafting and for Kayaking tours, you can choose month of May.

vietraft1For more peaceful kayaking, head North to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Renowned for it’s water sports, the Bay is home to thousands of karsts and hundreds of islands, with crystal clear turquoise seas. Take a dry bag packed with a picnic (not forgetting your swimsuit!) and find yourself a secluded beach on which to dine. Suitable for all, whether you’ve kayaked before or not, Ha Long Bay is the perfect place to play at action hero.

vietraft2Guaranteed to make your heart pound as you race downstream faster than you could ever have imagined, these two water sports are best enjoyed in the rainy season when the rivers are at their highest and the rocks are at their deepest. Whether you’re a nervous beginner or an extreme-sports fanatic, South East Asia’s rivers have the ‘white’ water for you! Be sure that you are physically fit for this activity, in any kind of illness or during pregnancy avoid this activity. Do not force your group members or friends to engage in this activity if somebody don’t want to do so.

Uzbekistan: Trekking in May

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Uzbekistan mountains have optimal altitude. Moreover, trekking in Uzbekistan has a huge advantage – possibility of arranging of mountain tours from May till October. Inimitable diversity of vegetation, fields of tulips and desert-candles of Chimgan or “flower carpet” of poppies of Zaamin will not let you be indifferent to this place. You can choose the month of May for this activity.An unbelievable interesting easy trekking in picturesque South-West Tien Shan Mountains in the region of popular ski resorts in Chimgan, Beldersay and Ugam-Chatkal national nature park. Amazing views, unusual elements of mountain relief, leaves rustling, spring purling and fresh mountain air will not leave you indifferent. The trekking ends with rest on beaches of mountain reservoir Charvaq.

uzbektrek1Driving North-East out of Tashkent, splendid white mountain tops glitter under the blue skies – the Western flanks of the Tien-Shan. You will be heading towards high-mountain passes, alpine pastures, savage gorges and river rapids that are difficult to access and have been for years an attraction for travelers from all over the world. Pulatkhan plateau, with its grandiose 1.5 kilometer ledge, plunges into the Tereklisay gorge. A wild place steeped in mystery, legends and folk beliefs.

uzbektrek2Within the worked-out mountain tours to Uzbekistan you will have an opportunity  to go on trekking of various degree of complexity to Chimgan mountains, to visit the well-known Beldersay area – the popular weekend hiking spot for residents and guests the whole year round. The Beldersay landscape is the rock canyons, waterfalls and spacious meadows. Exactly here in the Beldersay Mountains you will see the rock paintings (petroglyphs) of the late Stone Age. You will see the Gulkam gorges with three beautiful waterfalls. The passage of these waterfalls is the most interesting and fascinating part of this hiking tour. You will climb over passes of different height and complexity, go down the cable way. In summer you can swim in the pure mountain river.

Turkey: Biking in May

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A bike holiday is nature experience, beautiful landscape, physically challenging, in addition, a thrust of adrenalin with technically difficult down hills. In many cases however it is not only a pure bike holiday. It is mostly a combination of several activities. May tends to bring perfect weather throughout Turkey since it has the least amount of rainfall and the most comfortable temperatures. It also has long sunny days though some parts of it, such as central-east and North-east Anatolia are always chilly. So, you can choos the month of May for biking or cycling activity in Turkey.

turkbike1Some love the pleasurable immersion in to nature. Others prefer to exhaust their own limits, simply for the kick. To bike on some of the most beautiful trails, to enjoy the panorama views together and to call in at one of the really old mountain huts. These are unforgettable experiences for everyone. Free ride, single trail or Back County are trendy. Whether you choose the “tuff” single track trails of Cappadocia, easy dirt road tracks along the Mediterranean Turquoise Coast, or an adventure biking touring experience in the high Kackar Mountains the result will be unforgettable.

turkbike2Rides through pine-dappled hills, olive groves, craggy outcrops, sunny beaches and friendly villages. Break bread with a Turkish family at their traditional home. Sail the Mediterranean in traditional wooden gulets, dropping anchor to swim, snorkel and slumber. On the whole it will be a complete fun!

Tibet: Trekking in May

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Tibet offers trekking trips from as short as one day to as long as about one month depending on your requirement. But the treks are not feasible from December to March as the temperature goes very low and also the days becomes much shorter. So, you can choose summer month and specially month of May will be good for trekking activity in Tibet. In eastern Tibet, May, June and September are the height of the tourism season because this is the summer season of Tibet have warm days with strong sunshine and cool nights. At higher elevations (ie above 4000m) even summer days can be chilly. The Tibetan plateau possesses uniquely beautiful desert terrain. Walking on the highest land on earth is a unique experience enhanced by frequent encounters with nomads, yak and sheep herds, and visits to ancient villages and beautiful monasteries, not to mention the spectacular snow capped mountains and serene lakes of Tibet.

trektibet1Trekking in Tibet is in its infancy and it is likely to remain that way as long as regulations are so cumbersome and unpredictable in Tibet.  However, there are two routes that are fairly well established, the kora (cirumabulation) around the sacred Mt. Kailash (the holiest mountain for Tibetan Buddhist and Hindus alike) and the trek near Lhasa between Ganden and Samye monasteries.If you do want to trek in culturally Tibetan Areas Independently there are a number of alternates to the strict regulations of the Tibet Autonomous region. Clothing and equipments  are the same as for any high altitude hiking.If you stop at Kathmandu before entering Tibet , you can buy or hire hiking gears cheaply at Kathmandu. The higher altitude has lesser oxygen in the air. When we ascend substantial height in a short time our body can not adjust to that low level of oxygen in the higher altitude. This develops symptoms like reeling, headache, vomiting, bad dreams, loss of appetite and sleeplessness. So, be ready to handle all these kind of situations too.

trektibet2Despite modern developments, most parts of Tibet still remain remote and rarely visited by tourists. So, you can visit there too by making your tour plan in that way. These remote regions will help you experience deeper cultural experience, have an opportunity to see some of the world’s most remote and untouched corners , and a moment to enjoy the pristine beauty of its mountains and lakes. Hiking in Tibet is strenuous, but the rewards are immense. A trekking in Tibet is mostly a walking trip to its famous mountains and lakes and at times it is a walk from one monastery to another monastery in a remote village.

Thailand: Elephant Trekking in May

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Jungle safari by Elephant, The mighty elephant is Thailand’s national animal – a symbol of royalty and strength. Samui has tropical rain forest in its centre and to travel through this verdant lushness on elephant back is to truly experience Thailand at its most natural. Pass exotic fauna and flora, stop at refreshing waterfalls along the way- discover Samui in the most regal way possible. May is the dry month of Thailand so, you can choose this month for elephant trekking.

eletrek1Children and adults are encouraged to stop by the banana kiosk to observe and feed the Elephants, there is no charge. This is a great photo opportunity and you can even touch the elephants trunk. So, enjoy your ride on the back of this giant and beautiful animal.

Tanzania: Snorkeling in May

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Snorkeling in Tanzania is an experience of a lifetime specially in Zanzibar. Snorkeling opportunities in Zanzibar are amongst the most spectacular in the world, with stunning coral gardens and more than 350 recorded fish species. The best time to visit Tanzania is during the main dry season, from May to October and during month of May you can attempt this awesome snorkeling activity in Tanzania.Snorkeling in Shallow WaterThe best place for snorkeling in Zanzibar is Chumbe Island one of the most spectacular garden to be found any where in the word,Chumbe is the best for snorkeling only,diving is not allowed here due to the fact that the corals are not so deep and can be easily damaged if diving  is to be allowed.Female snorkeler swimming through cloud of jellyfish, Palau, Caroline IslandsThe deep water around Zanzibar attracts some of the real giants of the Indian Ocean and sometimes you can see the amazing Humpback whale very close to the beaches. Another visitor is the friendly whale shark that sometimes allows snorkelers and divers to come very close. This giant is despite its name and size a harmless and friendly encounter.Be sure that you are fit for this activity, during any kind of illness or during pregnancy avoid this activity.

Greece: Wine Tasting in May

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Wine Tasting activity in Greece is offering guided and individual Wine tours in the south of Greece, specially on the Peloponnese. This part of the country has a history of vine cultivation dating as far back, as ancient times. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Greece; specifically May, June, September and October. For wine tasting activity you can choose the May month. On your wine tasting activity you will have a perfect choice to discover the best of the city and to taste the finest Greek wines with a carefully selected assortment of savoury delicacies.  A visit to the wineries can also be combined with a stay in a mountain village, and excursions to archeological sites, monasteries or museums.winegree1You will meet the local people and discover where they go for local culinary treats. And then when you get back home, and open a great bottle of wine you will know the people who made it, and understand how and why they make the best wine in Greece.Travel in a mini bus around the vine yards staying at excellent hotels (according to your tour packages) in the evenings and you will be accompanied by a wine tour guide and a driver. The tour will cover local vineyards, ancient archaeological sites and give you a taste of the local area you will be visiting. Nemea in Greece is considered the crown jewel of the new wine industry. Here the Agiorghitiko grape (Saint George) is used and produces wines famous for their deep red color, complex aroma and long, velvety palate. Beside this, Argolida has some of the most sophisticated wineries, in a landscape embellished with green fields, forests, mountains and amazing beaches.Famous for its glorious past and archeological sites, such as Ancient Epidavros.

Young Woman Tasting WineGreece is not known for its wines, but a new crop of wine bars in Athens offers locals and tourists the chance to sample some excellent homegrown varieties and you can enjoy this wine tasting activity during your tour of Greece.

Nepal: River Rafting in May

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Nepal has many rivers for you to explore and you will find the world’s most thrilling whitewater rafting with a wide range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. All this makes a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great river rafting. May month will be good for this adventurous activity in Nepal. In April and May (and even early June), pre-monsoon snow-melt from the Himalayan giants swells the rivers to create a second season of prime-time white river.neparaft1Sun Koshi River Rafting (class 4 to 5) is famous in whitewater circles and with good reason: rafting on Sun Koshi river is one of the 10 most exciting white water rafting in the world, roaring past remote villages and green fertile mountains covered with forests and rice terraces, where local inhabitants can be seen in their daily rural activities. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience… particularly during high water, when the rapids can swell to massive sizes, sometimes making the rafts completely disappear from sight! For first time paddlers, a rafting trip on the Trishuli is an experience not to be missed (class 3 to 4+ in high water). While you learn to handle the river’s well spaced, Rafting straight forward rapids, a panorama of stunning gorges drifts quietly past. During the monsoon, the river promises a more challenging ride, with powerful rapids and whirlpools. Rafting/Kayaking on Trishuli river can easily be combined with a visit to Chitwan National Park or Pokhara (lake city). Beside these rivers, Seti river (class 2 to 3+), famous for its dazzling scenery, is a gentle river attracting families, bird watchers, nature lovers and dreamers.

neparaft2Along the way you will encounter culture at its simplest. If you’re lucky, traditional Magar and Chetri villagers will venture down to the riverbank to witness your journey through the remote mountain. Whatever your desire for adventure, it is easy to find the perfect river in Nepal. Be sure that you are completely fit for this activity,in any kind of illness or during pregnancy avoid this activity completely. Do not force any body to attempt this activity with you if someone has fear to attempt it. Nepal’s rivers change with the seasons. Each year, after the heavy monsoon rains the waters swell, changing the run of the rivers and the nature of the rapids. So, well trained guide is highly recommended with you to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Namibia: 4×4 Off Road Excursion in May

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There are countless activities in Namibia and among that 4X4 Road excursion is one of the popular activity among thrill seekers. Driving on the sand dunes has its own charm and thrill in all the way. You can choose may month for this activity because this is the dry month and considered travel month for Namibia.

4desertnamib2These safaris require prior experience in off-road driving and will put even solid 4×4 driving skills to the test. They will likewise test your vehicle’s performance limits. Driving on gravel and sand is very different to driving on tarred roads, and also driving in snow as so many people are used to. For the safety of all passengers, it is very important to have enough driving experience and to be able to handle a 4×4 correctly in different situations. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and concentrate on the road as conditions are always changing. Slow down if you see an obstacle but try not to stop as the tyres may get bogged in the sand. When driving in deep sand drive slowly and deflate your tyres if necessary. Lowering the air pressure in the tyres will increase the grip. Driving through heavy sand in low range is the best solution. You definitely need to carry full camping equipment, as there are no accommodation facilities in the remote areas visited.

4desertnamib14×4 adventurers should not just drive off-road anywhere in Namibia. Most of the sand or gravel roads will be in Namibian national parks. Please stay on these roads for eco reasons. In order to participate in any of these guided self-drive off-road adventures you do have to own the 4×4 vehicle taken on tour! Insurance policies of third parties involved will usually not provide cover. There is absolutely no insurance cover available from vehicle rental companies. That said to ensure that thrill-seekers also bring along endurance, the right experience and equipment, as well as peace of mind.

Namibia: Explore Himba’s Culture in May

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Visit a Himba village, the tour will give you the opportunity to discover the habits and customs of the people Ova-Himba: Ceremony milking of “smoke bath”, finding their beliefs, homeopathic medicine, traditional jewelry making, art of hairdressing etc. May is consider best month for this cultural activity for your tour. You can do dance with the people of there and explore there cultural activities deeply. Your tour operator will arrange the guide for you who speak the language of there and translate their language for you, as a result you will feel like part of the family.

himvill1During this Himba village tour you’ll meet one of the last surviving, truly traditional groups in Namibia in a very informal, easygoing way. The nomadic cattle herders, the Ova-himba people or ‘Himbas’, will show you around their village; a collection of small beehive-shaped huts made of branches, mud and cow dung. At night Himba children sleep on the ground on top of cow hides on one side of the hut and their mothers sleep on the other side of the hut. A traditional Himba dance called Ondjongo is performed there and you can join the party there.

himvill2While visiting a Himba-Herero village you will learn how the Himba women cover their skin with a mixture of ochre and goats’ fat in order to protect their skin from the harsh rays of the sun. The mixture makes their skin look red in colour which symbolizes the earth’s burnt red colour, and the colour of blood which symbolizes life. You will also learn about how the tribe’s people use hollowed out pumpkins, called kalebasses, to store milk. The Himba people wear little clothing and are traditionally topless with either loin clothes or skirts. In the Himba culture the ankles, rather than the breasts, of a woman are considered sexual and therefore the women wear beaded anklets.So, it is an appeal to you that maintain dignity with tribal people of there to make your tour memorable with all good memories.