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Buenos Aires Travel and Tourism

Buenos Aires is located in Argentina and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 34.5875° S and longitude : 58.6725° W.
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Argentina Festivals - Buenos Aires
Argentina Festivals Argentina is a party place and attending one of its many festivals is a perfect way of gaining a better understanding of the culture. There are a wide range of festivals throughout the year from antiquated religious traditions to contemporary art exhibitions to fiestas which just seem to be an excuse for a bit of fun and socializing. Try to schedule your trip around one of the local festivals where you may get to sample some typical food and drink, dance to traditional music and party with the natives! January 1st: New Year's Day - National Fiesta Fiesta Nacional del Folcloro is held in Cosquín, near to Cordoba. It is a lively and unrivaled tribute to Argentina's long folkloric traditions with music, dancing a...

New Year in Argentina - Buenos Aires
New Year in Argentina The South American country of Argentina celebrates New Year with much fun fare and it also entails to the entire family to come together for late dinner. New Year in Argentina is a public holiday therefore giving more reasons to celebrate and stay out for the entire night and party. As it is in the southern hemisphere, New Year in Argentina is generally hot, unusual to most parts of the world where New Year is synonymous to the chill and long winter nights. Argentines plan to go to the beaches, lakes and swimming pools for a refreshing swim on New Year day, as swimming is an activity very close to their hearts. Usually the entire family on the New Year Eve, 31st December, gathers for late Dinner. The lavish spr...

Christmas in Argentina - Buenos Aires
Christmas in Argentina Argentina has been an amalgamating point to various cultures and communities, owing to the fact that it had been under the dominion of several nations. Therefore the celebrations of Christmas in Argentina are diverse and interesting. First and foremost, Christmas in Argentina falls in the summer time, keeping it devoid of snow and white rooftops around this time. Where most countries around the world are shivering in the biting cold weather around Christmas, Argentines plan a picnic to the nearby beach or hold a barbeque and invite relatives and friends! The Christmas Eve on the 24th of December witnesses the entire families to go to the church to offer prayers and attend the Midnight Mass. ‘Feliz Navidad' i...