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Ottawa Travel and Tourism

Ottawa is located in Canada and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 45.4167° N and longitude : 75.7° W.
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Sightseeing in Canada - Ottawa
Sightseeing in Canada If you want to go for sightseeing in Canada you can visit quite a number of tourist attractions in Canada which are some of the most fascinating sights in this country that are sure to transport you to a different world. You can explore the natural beauty and various other historical sites while sightseeing in Canada. Canada is a fascinating country which is known for its liveliness. It is also known for its picturesque landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. Each of the Canadian provinces promotes their own tourism industry and operates various regional tours in order to draw more international travelers. Every year a lot of tourists flock in to these Canadian provinces to travel around in this part of the world a...

Adventure Tours in Canada - Ottawa
Adventure Tours in Canada Adventure Tours in Canada will take you to Canada's blank spaces or those areas whose seclusion alone makes them special. The Adventure Tours in Canada are designed to acquaint the travelers with the lesser known facet of Canada. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to discover something extraordinary about the places you travel to then these Adventure Excursions in Canada is just what you are looking for. Sports and Adventure Trips in Canada take you on an exhilarating journey through this country that boasts of panoramic landscapes, exotic wildlife and a rich cosmopolitan culture. There are many tour operators and travel agents in Canada that offer a wide range of exciting getaway packages to choose from. ...