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Nicosia Travel and Tourism

Nicosia is located in Cyprus and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 35.1667° N and longitude : 33.3667° E.
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Music of Cyprus - Nicosia
Music of Cyprus The music of Cyprus includes a variety of classical, folk and popular genres. Recent trends have seen the rise of Agia Napa, a resort, as a home for UK garage music, similar in its evolution to that of the island Ibiza . Cyprus changed hands numerous times prior to the medieval era, and was an important outpost of Christianity and European civilization during the Crusades . The tumultuous history introduced a variety of styles, including music from Armenia , France , Greece and Arabs . The island's peak as a cultural capital of Europe occurred from 1359 to 1432 . During that peak, Pierre 1 de Lusignan made a three year tour of Europe, bringing with him an entourage of musicians that so impressed Charles V in R...

Cyprus An Island Magic And Romance - Nicosia
Cyprus An Island Magic And Romance Along with entertainment within cosmopolitan cities that have a modern infrastructure, Cyprus is an island of diversified heredity, combining a charismatic mixture of romance and antiquity. Fresh air, warm hearted people and an awareness of tradition as well as history, combined an excellent climate with altering seasons make it a safe and scenic island. The community are welcoming; they drive on the left and because of the island's protracted association with the British and considering that Cyprus is within the EU, mean that English is observed in all places. Brits may live, find employment and own property in Cyprus freely within the southern part. It has transformed into one of the incomparably fashionable dest...

Cyprus Boat Trips For Another View Of Cyprus - Nicosia
Cyprus Boat Trips For Another View Of Cyprus Why are Cyprus boat trips so popular? An intrinsic part of the Cyprus life style is the sea and Cyprus is fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean ocean. The waters are warm and stay that way right through from the end of May until the end of October whilst never dropping much below 16c even in the short Cyprus winter. Most Cyprus families possess a boat of some kind or at least has a relative who owns one and during the summer months they will make the maximum use of them. The small marinas and harbors that have sprung up all over the Island are an indication of the increasing popularity of this fun filled pastime involving Cyprus boat trips. It is no surprise therefore that the there is a huge se...