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Dureno Travel and Tourism

Dureno is located in Ecuador and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 0.0444° N and longitude : 76.6972° W.
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The Exceptional Cofan Guides of Dureno - Dureno
The Exceptional Cofan Guides of Dureno Situated in the far northeast corner of Ecuador, split by the winding Rio Aguarico River, is the village of Dureno. This Cofan village is divided into two distinct parts. The one part of Dureno is more developed and can be reached by road, whereas the other part of the village, which is across the river, can only be reached by boat or canoe and is far more traditional. Members of the Cofan tribe are much sought-after jungle guides. Cofan guides take tourists into areas of the Amazon that are rich in natural beauty and wildlife and are seldom visited by outsiders. Ensuring that the environment is left undisturbed, the Cofan tribe makes use of the revenue generated by this eco-tourism to maintain its community and pr...