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Asmara Travel and Tourism

Asmara is located in Eritrea and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 15.3333° N and longitude : 38.9333° E.
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Birdwatching tourism ready for take off in Eritrea - Asmara
Birdwatching tourism ready for take off in Eritrea Down on the ground, an American tourist and passionate birdwatcher treads past a narrow valley's candelabra trees and prickly pear, hoping for a rare glimpse of a species not yet recorded in the Horn of Africa country. The holy grail would be the Blue-Winged Goose, he said, adjusting the cameras hanging from his body. There are vague reports of it being found in Eritrea, but as far as I know no reliable records. Eritrea's diversity of forest, desert, mountain, and beach -- lying between 2,234 km (1,396 miles) of Red Sea coastline and mountains thousands of metres high -- provide a rich variety for birdlife, experts say. Ethiopia-Eritrea are one of Africa's birding hotspots possessing 861 species, including ...

Visit between October to March to Eritrea - Asmara
Visit between October to March to Eritrea In terms of climate, the worst time to visit Eritrea is June to August, when the rainfall is at its highest in the highlands and the west, and when the eastern lowlands are sun-baked to within an inch of their geographical existence; the best times are from October to March. You might also want to time your visit to coincide with one or more of the region's prime religious festivals, such as Timkat (19 January) or Meskel (27 September). Land mines - Border Issues - Permits Land mines are a major problem, particularly in border regions with Ethiopia and the areas west, south and southeast of Barentu. Avoid travel along the Agordat-Hawashayt road and north of Afabet. The border with Ethiopia is permanently closed...