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Tehran Travel and Tourism

Tehran is located in Iran and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 35.6719° N and longitude : 51.4244° E.
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Religious Holidays of Iran - Tehran
Religious Holidays of Iran Just about everything that can close will close on a religious holiday, so it's important to know when they fall. Iran's religious holidays follow the Muslim lunar calendar, so the dates according to the Western calendar vary each year. Major events include Ramadan, the month of dawn to dusk fasting; Eid-e Fetr, the one day festival of feasting that marks the end of Ramadan; Ghadir-e Khom, which commemorates the day that the Prophet Mohammed appointed Imam Ali his successor; and the birthday of Mohammed. National holidays follow the Persian solar calendar, but still usually fall on the same day each year according to the Western calendar. The big bangers include the lustily titled Magnificent Victory of the Islamic...

Visit the Iran during Iranian New Year - Tehran
Visit the Iran during Iranian New Year Generally the best times to visit Iran are mid-April to early June, and late September to early November - these times avoid the long, cold northern winter, the Iranian New Year (late March) and the summer, which can be unpleasantly hot in much of the country. And if the heat doesn't keep you away, take note that prices along the Caspian coast can quadruple during summer whereas great bargains can be found come wintertime. Many people prefer not to visit Iran during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, but apart from most restaurants closing between dawn and dusk, Ramadan is not that bad for traveling.