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Kiribati Travel and Tourism

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Kiribati , officially the Republic of Kiribati, is an island nation located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean. It is composed of 32 atolls and one raised coral island, dispersed over 3,500,000 square kilometres, straddling the equator, and bordering the International Date Line to the east. The name Kiribati is the local of "Gilberts", derived from the main island chain, the Gilbert Islands.

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Wild and Birdlife in Kiribati - Tarawa
Wild and Birdlife in Kiribati Kiribati has wild life sanctuaries on Christmas Island and on most of the southern Line Islands. Extensive populations of birdlife are found on Christmas Island, and islands of the Line and Phoenix Group. For full details or enquiries for visit purposes, please contact the Wild Life Unit, Ministry of Line and Phoenix Group, London, Christmas Island, Republic of Kiribati. Phone: (686) 81211/81378/81218/81044, Email: mlpg@tskl.net.ki or tourismxmas@tskl.net.ki. Source:www.visit-kiribati.com

Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa of Kiribati - Tarawa
Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa of Kiribati Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tarawa. Get to know more about Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa through Tarawa Travel Guide. Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet in Tarawa is located in North Tarawa. It offers the ideal place to go for picnicking, swimming and camping. The Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa houses a lovely white sandy beach. The beach is lapped by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The islet is dotted with hotels and restaurants. The hotels here will arrange picnic trips and other activities like fishing, canoeing, snorkeling, beach volley ball, camping. The islet is landscaped by emerald green forests. Here you can for hiking and visit the b...

Festivals and Events in Kiribati - Tarawa
Festivals and Events in Kiribati The festivals and events in Kiribati reflect the culture of Kiribati which is not only enriched but boasts of a heritage of almost 2,000 years. Among all the festivals and events in Kiribati the most important is the Independence Day which is celebrated with gusto and energy on 21 of July. It was in 1979 that Kiribati got its independence and then onwards the Gilbert Islands came to be known as Kiribati. Kiribati festivals and events reflect the good nature of the people who truly believe in the traditions and customs of Kiribati. As most of the islanders are Christians Christmas is another important day among the Kiribati festivals and events. The Christians celebrate the Easter and the Christmas with much enthusia...

Music of Kiribati - Tarawa
Music of Kiribati Kiribati folk music is generally based around chanting or other forms of vocalizing, accompanied by body percussion. Public performances in modern Kiribati are generally performed by a seated chorus, accompanied by a guitar. However, during formal performances of the standing dance (Te Kaimatoa) or the hip dance (Te Buki) a wooden box is used as a percussion instrument. This box is constructed so as to give a hollow and reverberating tone when struck simultaneously by a chorus of men sitting around it. Traditional songs are often love-themed, but there are also competitive, religious, children's, patriotic, war and wedding songs. There are also stick dances (which accompany legends and semi-historical stories. These s...

Dance of Kiribati - Tarawa
Dance of Kiribati The uniqueness of Kiribati dance when compared with other forms of Pacific island dance is its emphasis on the outstretched arms of the dancer and the sudden birdlike movement of the head. The Frigate bird (Fregata minor) on the Kiribati flag refers to this bird-like style of Kiribati dancing. Most dances are in the standing or sitting position with movement limited and staggered. STYLES OF DANCE Kiribati dancing can be categorized into seven main styles. Each incorporating the bird-like movements but differences lie in costume, the gender of the dancer, the number of dancers, accompanying music, and the position and movement of the dancer or dancers. Ruoia - One of the oldest forms is called the Ruoia. The style ...