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Kiribati Travel and Tourism

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Kiribati , officially the Republic of Kiribati, is an island nation located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean. It is composed of 32 atolls and one raised coral island, dispersed over 3,500,000 square kilometres, straddling the equator, and bordering the International Date Line to the east. The name Kiribati is the local of "Gilberts", derived from the main island chain, the Gilbert Islands.

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New Year in Kiribati - Tarawa
New Year in Kiribati The New Year in Kiribati is like any other new year celebrations around the world where people gather to celebrate this festive spirit. The people revel in the New Year spirit which starts with the onset of the month of December itself. Everyone looks forward to this New Year in Kiribati as it gets rid of all your weariness and rejuvenates your soul so that you can start afresh in the new year. All the homes are cleaned and decorated to usher in the New Year which brings along with it new hopes and aspirations which will makes everyone work all through the year! The time of Kiribati New Year celebrations all the schools, colleges and offices remain closed for 2 days, i.e. on the 31st of December and the 1st of Janua...

Shopping in Kiribati - Tarawa
Shopping in Kiribati Shopping in Kiribati is a major pastime for travelers. Lying halfway between Hawaii and Australia in the Micronesian region of the South Pacific, Kiribati is a popular destination for the tourists. Shopping in Kiribati is really a wonderful experience for the tourists. There is a number of Shopping Centers in Kiribati. Tourists will find a wide variety of handicrafts products which include baskets, table mats, fans and cups made from pandanus leaves, coconut leaves, coconut shells and sea shells. Sea-shell necklaces are popular among the tourists as well as the natives. A valuable item in Kiribati can be the Kiribati shark-tooth sword made of polished coconut wood with shark teeth, filed to razor sharpness and lashe...

Marine Life in Kiribati - Tarawa
Marine Life in Kiribati The marine life in Kiribati is varied and is surely one of the most interesting parts of the Kiribati tours. All the travelers coming here make it a point to have a look at the varied and colorful marine life in Kiribati as it is a scene which you would hardly find elsewhere. The Kiribati island nation boasts of around 33 islands all of which have their distinguishing features. All the travelers find it very interesting to go on sightseeing in Kiribati Island as they will get to see a wide variety. Some of the most frequented islands include Tarawa, Kirimati and the Outer Islands. The marine life in Kiribati boasts of an underwater sea-world which is still unexploited to some extent. You will get to see an abundance...

Nightlife in Kiribati - Tarawa
Nightlife in Kiribati The nightlife in Kiribati is sure to appeal to the travelers who come here to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. Through the nightlife in Kiribati is not as vibrant as those in the other parts of the world but still there are quite a few nightclubs and pubs in the Tarawa Island where you can have a great time with your friends. Not only the young generation but also the older generation likes to spend some time in the company of their friends with their favorite drink in hand. You can feel the nightlife in Kiribati if you stay in the Tarawa Island as it houses some of the old and famous bars in Kiribati. The restaurants and bars in Kiribati remain quite filled till wee hours of the night as the p...

Bird Watching in Kiribati - Tarawa
Bird Watching in Kiribati Bird watching in Kiribati is a very old and enjoyable sport, rather saying Adventure sport will be better. Bird watching in Kiribati is a major adventure sport and is been cultivated thoroughly. Both bird watching and birding are the name of same sport which deals with or which include studying and observing different species and varieties of birds with eyes or some enhancements called binoculars. People who do a serious study of different birds and their behavior often come here. They have a special technique through which they identify most of the species with the sound they make. Kiribati, bird watching is immensely famous for its location which makes Kiribati one of the most famous breeding places on earth. Most...