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Beirut Travel and Tourism

Beirut is located in Lebanon and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 33.8719° N and longitude : 35.5097° E.
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People and Weather of Lebanon - Beirut
People and Weather of Lebanon People The people of Lebanon comprise a wide variety of ethnic groups and religions, with the majority split between Muslim (Shi'a, Sunni) and Christian (Maronite, Greek Orthodox, Greek-Catholic Melkites, Armenians, Copts). Other smaller groups include Druze and Allawites. There are a large number (over 300,000) of Palestinian refugees in the country. The population increases dramatically in the Summer months (June to September), due to the large number of tourists from other Middle Eastern countries and the temporary return of a large number of the Lebanese diaspora. In general, be aware that each group is quite likely to dislike any one of the others and is not going to be circumspect about expressing this....

To know about the food and drink of Lebanon befor travel - Beirut
To know about the food and drink of Lebanon befor travel Eat Lebanon fosters exquisite cuisine ranging from a mezza of vegetarian dishes such as tabouleh, fattoush, and warak anab to delicious dips like hommos and moutabal. Must haves include Lebanese barbeque such as shish tawouk (barbequed chicken)- usually consumed with garlic, lahm mishwe (barbequed meat, and kafta (another form of barbequed meat). A full meal at an arabic restaurant can cost as little as 8 us dollars (12000 LL). Lebanese fast food is also available as sandwiches offered in roadside shops, such as shawarma sandwiches (known in other countries as doner - or gyros in greece. Shawarma, as opposed to doner is seasoned with tarator sauce based on sesame oil, vegetables and is rolled in lebanese ...

UNWTO stands behind Lebanon - Beirut
UNWTO stands behind Lebanon UNWTO is confident that Lebanon will be able to reconstruct its tourism sector and continue being an attractive international travel destination. UNWTO and its members stand behind Lebanon, said UNWTO Secretary-General, Francesco Frangialli. Our sector is only a part of the losses suffered in Lebanon, but tourism is of great importance for the economic recovery and development of the whole country, he added. The Organization held a joint press conference with the Ministers of Tourism for Lebanon and Jordan, as a first example of UNWTO's intensive support and vote of confidence in Lebanon's very positive tourism future. Minister of Tourism of Lebanon Joseph Sarkis said there are already signs that regional...

Tourism must be brought back to Lebanon - Beirut
Tourism must be brought back to Lebanon The United Nations World Tourism Organization said efforts were needed to be undertaken in order to promote tourism in Lebanon. The Secretary-General of the UNWTO told ministers from Islamic countries on Friday that he wants to see a strong effort made to redevelop the industry in Lebanon. Only tourism can provide sufficient contact on a personal level to help put war-ravaged Lebanon back on its feet, Francesco Frangialli told a gather of about 60 ministers in Madrid. The ministers were in Madrid to assess the effect of the recent Israeli offensive in Lebanon and the affects it has had on the tourism industry. Tourism is a key source of income for Lebanon in recent years. According to AFP, approximately 1.3...