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Skopje Travel and Tourism

Skopje is located in Macedonia and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 42° N and longitude : 21.4333° E.
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Peace education programme provides opportunity for learning, life skills and leisure - Skopje
Peace education programme provides opportunity for learning, life skills and leisure The violent ripples of the ethnic conflict that rocked the former Yugoslav republic (TFYR) of Macedonia last year have barely settled. Residents of Tetovo will tell you that gunfire can still sometimes be heard from the hills above the city today. But in the neighborhood around Pioneer House Bratstvo - Edinstvo (meaning Brotherhood and unity), it's more likely that you'll hear the raised voices of young Albanians, TFYR Macedonians and Turks having fun. Nearly 400 children 7-14 years old participate in the centre's activities focused on building their life skills, development and youth participation. There are 26 such centres throughout TFYR Macedonia: established and supplied through UNICEF, managed by local n...

Macedonia Seeks a new - Skopje
Macedonia Seeks a new For more than twelve years, Macedonia has been trying to find a new way towards the development. This small country is trying, at least, to regain the previous levels in industry and tourism among the ex Yugoslav and Balkan countries. The proclaimed goals are too far from reality and it seems that almost all its neighbors and countries under similar economic conditions have done much more. Only as a reminder, the general conditions in the late 1980s favored this land of nature and cradle of culture. The local and foreign analysts said that the main problem could be the Macedonian general development policy. The main goal of the officials so far has been to manage crises instead of taking clear and promising action...

Greece seeks quick Macedonia name solution - Skopje
Greece seeks quick Macedonia name solution Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis told a parliament session the Macedonia name issue should be resolved as soon as possible. Bakoyannis said Greece should press to solve the name issue with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or FYROM, before a NATO summit scheduled for April in Romania, the Athens News Agency reported Friday. The Greek foreign minister indicated the Skopje government's application to join NATO might be considered at the alliance's summit. Bakoyannis complained about Skopje leaders using the FYROM name when joining international organizations but switching to Macedonia during debates within organizations. The FYROM, as it is recognized by the United Nations, and Greece have bee...

Eight wonders of Macedonia - Skopje
Eight wonders of Macedonia 1) Alexander the Great Born to military hero King Philip II of Macedon and tutored by famed philosopher Aristotle, young Alexander was destined for, well, greatness. His first real battle was the one he fought to assume the throne, as he was considered by many, including his father, to be an illegitimate heir. Soon after his crowning, Alexander expanded the Macedonian empire through Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan and India. At 33, he died a mysterious death in Babylon, after which the great empire of Macedonia quickly declined. Read a history of Alexander the Great 2) Heraclea Founded by Phillip II of Macedon and named for the hero Heracles, this fourth century B.C. town stands today as monument to Maced...