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Abuja Travel and Tourism

Abuja is located in Nigeria and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 9.1758° N and longitude : 7.1808° E.
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Tinapa as the pivot of tourism in Nigeria - Abuja
Tinapa as the pivot of tourism in Nigeria From all that is gathering around Nigeria's socio-economic atmosphere, it is quite apparent that the country is at the threshold of an important revolution and transformation in her tourism industry following the advent of Tinapa. For the first time, Nigeria republic can now boast of a world class business resort, capable of not only changing the ugly visage of the country but also attract enormous investment; an outcome of which will skyrocket her annual GDP. Understandably, the project was initially dismissed as impossible, unrealizable and a figment of Governor Donald Duke's imagination owing to the fact that very little in previous administration was accomplished in transforming the tourism industry to a sta...

Beaware from the Scams and Warning in Nigeria during Tour - Abuja
Beaware from the Scams and Warning in Nigeria during Tour Expect to pay bribes to police officers. It's often cheap - abut 100 naira. A request for a bribe often comes with this sentence anything for us for the weekend. The bribe situation gets worse as you travel deeper into Nigeria and towards Benin. Expect delays at the Seme border post (often closed because of corruption). There, requests for bribes are blatant and increase in value depending on your race and country of origin. You will be arrested several times, have a few arguments but in the end you pay the bribe to get your passport back. On the Benin side of the border things are pretty much the same - so make sure you have some CFA or naira - never flash any foreign currency like dollars - this is asking.