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Oslo Travel and Tourism

Oslo is located in Norway and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 59.9167° N and longitude : 10.75° E.
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Christmas in Norway - Oslo
Christmas in Norway Christmas in Norway is a time of celebration and revelry for everyone and there is cheer and happiness for people all around. It is one of the main festivals which celebrate the birth of Christ and it is celebrated with cheer and enthusiasm. If you are thinking of spending your vacation during the time of Christmas in Norway then it is an excellent idea as you can see the traditions and rituals associated with it. In ancient times, Christmas in Norway was a mid-winter sacrificial feast and popularly considered as a festival of lights which marks the transition from the dark winter to spring and summer. It was a time for celebrating the harvest, fertility, birth and death. Though the aspect and reasons of celebratio...

Food of Norway - Oslo
Food of Norway Food of Norway is one of the major attractions here. Even those on a tight budget can eat like kings here. There are number of very popular dishes that you should not miss. These promise to be a gourmet's treat. Food of Norway comprises mainly of Tebriks - a very fine roll, flaky like a French croissant but not as buttery Skolebrod - it is bigger than boller, with a yellow egg in the middle, spread with sugar frosting and then sprinkled with coconut Froloff - a round loaf with poppy seed Boller - a sweet roll Rosinbolle - the same as boller, but with raisins in it Skillingsbolle - it is a big cinnamon roll Flatbrod - It is usually consumed for dinner Meat has always been a central ingredi...

Nightlife in Norway - Oslo
Nightlife in Norway As the day gives way to night, as the sun sets in and darkness engulf, it is time to experience the pulsating nightlife in Norway. This stunning country has a wealth of attraction and the there is also a wide list of things and activities that you can discover and explore while on Norway tours. The fascinating attractions hold the interest of the tourists and moreover there is a wide range of entertainment options which makes for a delightful experience of the nightlife in Norway. The striking mix of mountains, seas, forests and fjords, quaint villages, royal castles, and historic sites makes the place an exciting travel destination. The variety of landscape and the endless list of sightseeing spots keep you busy th...

Excursions in Norway - Oslo
Excursions in Norway The wealth of attractions and the abundance of natural assets near the city let the guests undertake excursions in Norway. The breathtaking scenery and the majestic landscape mesmerize travelers to have a splendid vacation. It encapsulates a vast range of landscape ranging from the mountains to the lakes, waterfalls, and forests and fjords. With such varied range of scenic delights and marvelous attractions, you are assured of exciting and fascinating excursions in Norway. Norway Tours takes you through some of the most amazing scenery and let you discover the unsurpassed beauty. There is a wide variety of things to do and see and plenty of things to explore. You can undertake day trips in Norway to explore one of ...

Facts about Norway - Oslo
Facts about Norway If you are planning for Norway Travel, you must know some important Facts about Norway which will help you to arrange your trip better. Norway - Consisting of the western part of Scandinavia in Northern Europe, Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, has gone through rapid economic growth since World War II and now has become one of the richest countries in the world. Getting to Norway - Occupying the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway is well- connected to the major cities of Europe and provides easy access to the important places nearby. Transportation in Norway is comfortable and convenient. There are urban railways in 3 cities, the Oslo T-bane (rapid transit), Oslo tram, Trondheim tram...