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Moscow Travel and Tourism

Moscow is located in Russia and its geographical coordinates are latitude : 55.7522° N and longitude : 37.6156° E.
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Christmas in Russia - Moscow
Christmas in Russia Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 7th every year with unlimited zeal and fervor. Russians follows the Orthodox Church and so the time of the year is different from the rest of the world. Tourists visiting during the Christmas in Russia will have a gala time as clubbed with New Year celebrations. Every region of Russia remains in a joyous mood. Russia is a vast country attracting tourists with lovely sightseeing, imperial wonders and rich cultural heritage. The majority of the country is Christians and Christmas is the chief festival. Major parts of the country follow the Orthodox Church that still follows the Julian calendar. According to this Calendar, the Christmas day for the country is 13 days behind ...

New Year in Russia - Moscow
New Year in Russia New Year in Russia is day of sharing love and happiness with one another. This time of the year brings lots of fun and festivities, meeting old friends and acquaintances and eating good food. Tourists visiting the country during the New Year in Russia will become spellbound looking at the myriad beauty of the country and partying all day and night. New Year in Russia follows the Gregorian calendar and is celebrated on 1st of January of every year. The country earlier used to celebrate the New Year in September month. Czar Peter, the Great, abolished this practice. In the year 1699, a decree passed and January 1st was declared New Year. Since then, all the Russians celebrate this day with family and all across the co...

Weather in Russia - Moscow
Weather in Russia Weather in Russia remains cold most of the year. The Weather in Russia has considerable impact on the lifestyle of the people of Russia. Tourists and travelers from all over the world come here to spend their much awaited vacation with family and friends. Because of its sheer size and compact landform, Russia has a largely continental climate. A major portion of Russia is more than 400 kilometers from the sea. The center of the country is 3,840 kilometers from the sea. The influence of moderate temperatures from the Indian and Pacific oceans is blocked by Russia's mountain ranges in the south and the east of the country. But European Russia and northern Siberia lack such topographic protection from the Arctic and No...

Hunting and Fishing in Russia - Moscow
Hunting and Fishing in Russia Hunting and Fishing in Russia is one of the most favorite sports in Russia. The localites indulge in these sports during the spring and the autumn. Hunting and Fishing in Russia is also taken up by the foreign travelers. People make trips to Russia in order indulge in this sport. It is also a popular pastime of the Russians. It is especially popular in the country sides of Russia. Hunting and Fishing in Russia is the best way to get a glimpse of the wildlife of Russia. The vast flora and fauna that lie scattered in and around Russia. The lush green forests of Soviet Russia opens to us vistas of wild landscape. There are wild boars, foxes, lynx, wild ducks, wolves, red deer, black cocks, goose and capercailzies. The b...

River Rafting in Russia - Moscow
River Rafting in Russia If you are an outdoor person then river rafting in Russia will be a pleasant surprise. If you are tired of seeing the country in the traditional manner then try river rafting in Russia which is an integral part of adventure sports in Russia. Explore the beautiful landscapes of Russia and you can hire a boat or raft for Russian river rafting. Experience the adrenalin rush while you go for river rafting in Russia and you will be thoroughly thrilled as you brave you way through the rapids. If you have an adventure streak within you then a trip through Karelia and the Lake Baikal area will be an experience in itself. Even if you are a beginner you can take the help of the skilled rater while you are river rafting in Russi...