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Saudi Arabia Travel and Tourism

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Saudi Arabia . The current Kingdom was founded by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, whose efforts began in 1902 when he captured the Al-Saud’s ancestral home of Riyadh, and culminated in 1932 with the proclamation and recognition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, though its national origins go back as far as 1744 with the establishment of the First Saudi State. Saudi Arabia is the world's leading petroleum exporter. Petroleum exports fuel the Saudi economy. Oil accounts for more than 90 percent of exports and nearly 75 percent of government revenues, facilitating the creation of a welfare state, which the government has found difficult to fund during periods of low oil prices. Saudi Arabia is often called, along with Russia, an energy superpower. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly expressed concern about the state of human rights in Saudi Arabia, although these concerns have been dismissed by the Saudi government.

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Saudi Arabia: Things to Know - Riyadh
Saudi Arabia: Things to Know Saudi Arabia is a beautiful land replete with ancient deserts, Mediterranean coast lines, flavorsome cuisine and archaeological wonders. However, before your visit, there are some Things to Know in Saudi Arabia, that'll help you enjoy your trip in the country to the maximum. Here's some Useful Information in Saudi Arabia in Asia, for your convenience: Saudi Arabia strictly follows the tenets of the Islamic faith, so alcohol is prohibited throughout the country. Some refreshing alternatives you could enjoy in the hotel bars include fruit drinks, non-alcoholic beverages etc. Also, remember that while pork is strictly forbidden, use of lamb and chicken is liberal in Saudi food. According to the law, visitors are not ...

Shopping in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Shopping in Saudi Arabia Shopping in Saudi Arabia is a great mode of recreation and also a way by which you can get familiar with the traditional art and crafts as well as the modern styles of the country. Shopping at Saudi Arabia is a perfect pleasure with numerous classy shopping malls and other high tech stores. However, if you want to buy things that are typical to Saudi Arabia and part of the artistic tradition of the place, then you have to browse through the handicraft shops or visit the rural areas. Go Shopping in Saudi Arabia for junk jewelries or Bedouin ornaments that come in beautiful designs and exotic motifs. The best Things to Buy in Saudi Arabia are well-woven carpets and also precious and rare stones. Gold ornaments are als...

Things to Do in Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Things to Do in Saudi Arabia There are plenty of Things to Do in Saudi Arabia if you have time for them. From shopping to visiting places of tourist interest, there is no dearth of entertainment in this exotic land that is always bustling with tourists. List out the Things to Do in Saudi Arabia on your Saudi Arabia Travel Guide before you actually plan your trip. Keen to know what are the things to do in Saudi Arabia? Exploring the country is sure one of the things that you would live best! Saudi Arabia is dotted with ruins of ancient cities, forts, castles, mosques and minarets that are of great interest to tourists. The vast deserts, the rugged mountains, add on to the picturesque quality of the place. If you are keen to see all that is histor...