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Taiwan Travel and Tourism

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Taiwan , also known as Formosa Formosa, meaning "beautiful , is an island located in East Asia between the South China Sea and the East China Sea off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Since the end of World War II in 1945, Taiwan has been governed by the Republic of China , which itself is commonly known as "Taiwan" since the 1970's. Separated from the Asian continent by the 180-kilometre-wide Taiwan Strait, the main island of the group is 394 kilometres long and 144 kilometres wide. To its northeast are the main islands of Japan, and the southern end of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan is directly to the east; the Philippines lie to its south. It spans across the Tropic of Cancer and consists of steep mountains, covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation. Other minor islands and islets of the group include the Pescadores, Green Island, and Orchid Island among others; as well as the Diaoyutai Islands which are controlled by Japan since the 1970s and known as the Senkaku-shotō. Since the end of the World War II in 1945, the island group has been under the administration of the Republic of China, which was then the de facto government of all China. The island group is, however, claimed by the People's Republic of China , which was established in 1949 on mainland China, displaced the ROC, and considers itself the successor state to the ROC. Taiwan's rapid economic growth in the decades after World War II has transformed it into an advanced economy as one of the Four Asian Tigers. This economic rise is known as the Taiwan Miracle. It is categorized as an advanced economy by the IMF and high-income economy by the World Bank. Its technology industry plays a key role in the global economy. Taiwanese companies manufacture a large proportion of the world's consumer electronics, although most of them are made in their factories in mainland China.

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Languages of Taiwan - Taipei
Languages of Taiwan Most people in Taiwan speak both Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese (a variant Minnan dialect of southern Fujian province, China). Mandarin is taught in schools, however most spoken media is split between Mandarin and Taiwanese. Speaking Taiwanese under the localization movement has become a way for the pro-independence Taiwanese to distinguish themselves from the Mainlander. The Hakka, who make about 10 percent of the population, have a distinct Hakka dialect. The Aboriginal Taiwanese still speak their native languages, but most of them can also speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English. A large majority of people on Taiwan speak Standard Mandarin, which has been the only officially sanctioned medium of instruction in the s...

Restaurants and Bars in Taiwan Perfect for Tourists - Taipei
Restaurants and Bars in Taiwan Perfect for Tourists There are great many restaurants and bars in Taiwan ranging from fancy to budget ones. The restaurants in Taiwan will have you spoilt for choice with its wide array of multi-cuisine dining options. The restaurants offer Szechuan, Cantonese, Beifang, Chinese and International dishes. Chinese and Taiwanese food feature as the main cuisines in the restaurants of Taiwan. Taiwan food comprises beef noodles, ouster omelet and Aiyu Jelly. Different cities in Taiwan specializes in various types of food. Iian restaurants are known for their mochi dishes which are a preparation of sticky rice tossed with sesame and peanuts. The restaurants in Yonghe, situated in the outskirts of the city of Taipei in Taiwan, are well-known for ...

Nightlife in Taiwan - Taipei
Nightlife in Taiwan Numerous nightclubs, karaoke clubs and pubs are an integral part of the vibrant Nightlife in Taiwan. Experience a throbbing Nightlife in Taiwan and enjoy an ultimate dose of entertainment in Taiwan. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. With a diverse array of nightclubs, the city is a platform of several cultural groups. Experiencing Taiwan nightlife is one of the most attractive things to do in Taiwan. The various nightclubs, bars, pubs, concerts, discos and dining options add color to the already rocking Nightlife in Taiwan. If you are interested in experiencing the nightlife with some casual or romantic dining, Taiwan offers you a variety of options catering to your mood an...

Music of Taiwan - Taipei
Music of Taiwan The four main professional Chinese music groups in Taiwan are the Taipei Municipal Chinese Classical Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra, Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra, and Chinese Orchestra of the Broadcasting Corporation of China. At least another ten smaller ensembles perform regularly around the island. These musicians play mostly traditional Chinese instruments, but sometimes perform Western compositions or Chinese works that incorporate Western-style rhythms or harmonies. There has also been renewed interest in preserving various types of traditional music including bei guan (a fast-tempo music that commonly accompanies operas and traditional puppet shows) and, especially, nan guan (a more delicate and soothi...