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Taiwan Travel and Tourism

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Taiwan , also known as Formosa Formosa, meaning "beautiful , is an island located in East Asia between the South China Sea and the East China Sea off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Since the end of World War II in 1945, Taiwan has been governed by the Republic of China , which itself is commonly known as "Taiwan" since the 1970's. Separated from the Asian continent by the 180-kilometre-wide Taiwan Strait, the main island of the group is 394 kilometres long and 144 kilometres wide. To its northeast are the main islands of Japan, and the southern end of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan is directly to the east; the Philippines lie to its south. It spans across the Tropic of Cancer and consists of steep mountains, covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation. Other minor islands and islets of the group include the Pescadores, Green Island, and Orchid Island among others; as well as the Diaoyutai Islands which are controlled by Japan since the 1970s and known as the Senkaku-shotō. Since the end of the World War II in 1945, the island group has been under the administration of the Republic of China, which was then the de facto government of all China. The island group is, however, claimed by the People's Republic of China , which was established in 1949 on mainland China, displaced the ROC, and considers itself the successor state to the ROC. Taiwan's rapid economic growth in the decades after World War II has transformed it into an advanced economy as one of the Four Asian Tigers. This economic rise is known as the Taiwan Miracle. It is categorized as an advanced economy by the IMF and high-income economy by the World Bank. Its technology industry plays a key role in the global economy. Taiwanese companies manufacture a large proportion of the world's consumer electronics, although most of them are made in their factories in mainland China.

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Excursions in Taiwan - Taipei
Excursions in Taiwan Excursions in Taiwan are an enriching and enjoyable affair. Embark on exotic Excursions in Taiwan and extensive Taiwan tours and make the most of your holiday. Some of the popular Taiwan excursions include a full day tour from Taipei to Taroko (Marble) Gorge, Wulai Aboriginal Village Half-Day Tour from Taipei, Chiufen Village and Northeast Coast Half-Day Tour from Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park and Hot-Spring Half-Day Tour from Taipei and Half-Day Folk Arts Tour to Yingko and Sanhsia from Taipei to name a few. Browse through Taiwan travel guide and get to know more about the Excursions in Taiwan. Take a full day tour from Taipei to the Taroko (Marble) Gorge and add pleasure to your Excursions in Taiwan. Some of...

Taiwan Things To Know - Taipei
Taiwan Things To Know The two major political parties that are in action in Taiwan are the Pan-Blue Coalition and the Pan- Green Coalition. The supporters of the Pan- Blue Coalition try to get reunified with China and hence lead a peaceful life. But the Pan-Green supporters follow the path of getting an independent Republic of Taiwan. It is better for the tourists' not to comment anything on the political issues of Taiwan. The press of Taiwan is quite liberal and free to its citizens. There are three newspapers in Taiwan that are published in English. They are The China Post, Taiwan News and the Taipei Time. Free magazines of Lifestyle and Taiphoon are also published. Internet cafes are available in abundant here and but finding out on...

Taiwan's Natural Wonders - Taipei
Taiwan's Natural Wonders For a small Asian nation that was once labeled the island of industry, Taiwan has a surprising amount of green space and scenic wonders. Forested mountains, with about 200 peaks higher than 9,800 feet, cover two-thirds of the island, with the remaining area consisting of highlands, coastal plains and basins. The Central Mountain Range stretches 167 miles along the center spine of the island from north to south. To the west lies the Yushan (Jade Mountain) National Park, with northeastern Asia's highest peak at 12,966 feet. In Taiwan's interior waterfalls, lakes, rivers and gorges abound, while along the coast are dramatic cliffs, volcanic outcrops, rocky coves, sandy beaches and windswept offshore islands. To pr...

Dragon Boat Festival Taiwan - Taipei
Dragon Boat Festival Taiwan This festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and is among one of the major holidays that the Chinese celebrate in a year. The festival is an effort to ward off diseases and evil spirits. The importance of the festival has grown manifolds due to the legend of the patriot poet Chu Yuan. It is often believed that the festival is in place to commemorate the death anniversary of the legendary poet Chu Yuan who committed suicide by jumping in to the river to protest the high handedness and the misrule of the king. It is also believed that one of the petty princes of the state had accused him falsely. The legend also has that when the people failed to rescue the great poet the dropped rice dumpling...

Para Gliding in Taiwan - Taipei
Para Gliding in Taiwan Paragliding is the closest human beings can get to flying with some borrowed wings of course and these wings are usually made from nylon or polyester. A paraglider can usually take off from the top of a hill or can be towed up to the mid air. The island country of Taiwan has a few places which are open to the general public for paragliding. The country or at least the major portions of the country is too steep to climb and the rest is controlled by the military. This leaves about six spots where you can paraglide provided the weather gods are favorable on you. There are some impending problems like the omni present power lines which is a hazard for paragliders. Though the country of Taiwan is a small island nation...