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Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean comprising 169 islands, 36 of them inhabited, stretching over a distance of about 800 kilometres in a north-south line. The islands lie south of Samoa, about one-third of the way from New Zealand to Hawaii. Tonga, the only sovereign monarchy among the island nations of the Pacific Ocean, has the distinction of being the only island nation in the region to have avoided formal colonization. The world also knows the islands of Tonga as the Friendly Islands because of the friendly reception accorded to Captain Cook on his first visit in 1773. He happened to arrive at the time of the ʻinasi festival, the yearly donation of the first fruits to the Tu'i Tonga, the islands' paramount chief, and was invited to the festivities. According to the writer William Mariner, in reality the chiefs had wanted to kill Cook during the gathering, but were unable to agree on a plan. In many Polynesian languages the word "Tonga" means "South". The name Tonga was derived from the word "Tongahahake" translations "Southeast", originally means "The wind that blows from the Southeast".

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Restaurants and Bars in Tonga - Nuku`alofa
Restaurants and Bars in Tonga Restaurants and Bars in Tonga play a key role in promoting Tonga as a tourist destination. Restaurants and Bars in Tonga are widely spread all over giving a lot of options and with an easy availability. Tonga tours features the best of Tongan food and liquors. Tonga is divided into three major regions; all these regions have their own specialty and uniqueness. The three major sub-divisions are: Tongatapu , Ha'apai , Vava'u. Restaurants and Bars of Tonga are placed in these three island groups only. A series of amazing food courts offering mouth watering international cuisine have taken place in abundance. Some of the very famous restaurants are: Tropicana Cafe – A huge variety of food and beverage, and ideal ...

Culture of Tonga - Nuku`alofa
Culture of Tonga The culture of Tonga is considered one of the most ancient cultures of the world. The Culture of Tonga can be aptly described as rich and splendid. The island of Tonga has been inhabited since the late Lapita times. The enchanting island country of Tonga boasts of being the earliest settlements of the world. The culture of Tonga has undergone a great change since its inception more than three thousand years back. Before the European explorers arrived in Tonga in the later part of the 17th century the people of Tonga were in constant touch with the residents of Samoa, and Fiji. Fiji and Samoa are the two closest neighbors of the beautiful island of Tonga. The Tongan culture underwent a radical transformation with the...

Cuisines in Tonga - Nuku`alofa
Cuisines in Tonga When you go to Tonga you would find that there are various cuisines in Tonga. The main ingredients making Tongan food are root vegetables such as sweet potato and taro, coconut products and fresh fruits. Other ingredients include pork, chicken, corned beef, fish and shellfish. The seafood delicacies, an integral part of the cuisines in Tonga is something that you should not miss on your tour of Tonga. Traditionally the highlight of Tonga cuisines is only one meal. This is the midday meal which is cooked in the earth oven known as umu. Before the advent of the Europeans, the meal consisted of taro, yams, bananas, coconuts and fish baked in leaves. The delicacy was shellfish served as raw. Coconut water was the main l...

Nightlife in Tonga - Nuku`alofa
Nightlife in Tonga Nightlife in Tonga is a major draw for the tourists. The Nightlife in Tonga offers the travelers ample opportunities for fun and entertainment. The vibrant Nightlife in Tonga presents an amazing scope to the residents to engage in fun after a hard day's drudgery. The nightclubs in Tonga are an integral component of the Nightlife in Tonga. Tonga is famed for the extravaganza it shows in its nightlife. The popular bars in Tonga include the King of Tonga Bar, and the Bounty Bar. The King of Tonga Bar is the most famous among the bars in Tonga. The Bounty Bar is the perfect place for enjoying your favorite drink while you listen to the live performances of the various bands. The Bounty Bar is also famous for its various...

Tattooing in Tonga - Nuku`alofa
Tattooing in Tonga Pre-contact Tongan males were often heavily tattooed. In Captain Cook's time only the Tu'i Tonga (king) was not because he was too high ranked for anybody to touch him. Later it became the habit that a young Tu'i Tonga went to Samoa to be tattooed there. The practice of Tatatau disappeared under heavy missionary disapproval, but was never completely suppressed. It is still very common for men (less so, but still some for women), to be decorated with some small tattoos. Nevertheless it is more popular for youngsters nowadays, so there is a revival. Especially shoulders, wrists, ankles, legs, arms. Often a crest of the high school attended. Or the initials of one's name. Source:en.wikipedia.org