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ID: 392
Poovar island Resort
Offered by Company : ID 2525
Country : India
Minimum Price : $120 USD ( Per Day)
Maximum Price : $250 USD ( Per Day)
Season : All Year Round
Trip Categories : Naturist Resort
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Unspoilt and miraculously unexplored, Poovar Island is a rare find in Southern Kerala. Enveloped by the most serene backwaters and opening out to the Sea and a dream golden beach, this Island Resort is Truly a window into Paradise. When you are looking for a hidden holiday, here is how to find it - get out of this world, come to Poovar Island Resort. Located on the backwaters,the resort offers you total privacy on this naturally secluded land.

It's different, depending on your preference; you have the choice to stay in Deluxe Floating Cottages, Eco Floating Cottages or Superior Land Cottages. Catch the clear view to the shimmering Arabian Sea, (Deluxe Floating Cottages, Eco Floating Cottages) kerala backwaters and the river of Poovar without sweeping your glance. Enjoy your dream holiday in a hideaway nestled around natural beauty.

Detail Information
Land cottages:
Poovar Island Resort features a variety of unique habitats. A total of 54 cottages set in a spacious 25 acres. Charming land cottages, 54 land cottages, built in typical Kerala architecture, spread across the island fringed with coconut groves offer you traditional ambience combined with state-of-the-art facilities. All the cottages are equipped with the facilities to make your stay supremely enjoyable. The vast and cosy interiors, typical kerala style furnitures, airconditioned, satellite television, mini bar, attached bath with hot & cold water provisions. The ground floor rooms have a large private verandah facing the coconut groves.

The rustic beauty of the surroundings can be enjoyed in five star comforts, as the resort boasts of all aminites that an international traveller could ask for. All our cottages are secluded to ensure maximum privacy. Yes you are either with the most loved ones or alone with the beating of your heart. Check in and enjoy the out of this world.

Floating Cottages:

Amazing view of 16 floating cottages afloat on backwaters
make every visitor wonder with delight. These well appointed cottages are living rooms with all the amenities of land cottages and more with it's real floating pleasure. The bedrooms with one entire wall in glass and a large private deck offering unbelievably glorious views of the estuary & beach. Catch the precious closer view of locale people moving on country boats.

The perfect place to enjoy a sundowner. Needless to say, the floating cottages are furnished in style with warm wood finishes, ethnic colour tones, and yet modern and soothing to maximise your enjoyment. 2 specially designed eco-friendly floating cottages that provide you with health benefits. Power from the solar energy, air-conditioning provided by the wind, curtains of medicinal plants. This unique habitat is built of environment-friendly materials like wood from the coconut palms and 'Ramaccham', famed for its medicinal properties, roof made of thatched coconut leaf and more.Deluxe Floating Cottages are more luxurious in style and comfort with more space to enjoy the backwater, river, beach and sea together... a never before opportunity.

Ayurveda is the ultimate anti-dote to today's hectic lifestyle. Developed in India over thousands of years, it is an art and science of better living through the perfect harmony of body, mind and soul. At Poovar Island Resort we have created the perfected ambience to enjoy, understand and absorb the ancient remedies of Ayurveda. At Poovar Island Resort an exclusive ayurveda treatment and rejuvenation centre ; 'Ayurveda Village' - with all the facilities and a medicinal herbarium is providing effective and long standing benefits of ayurveda.

The 'Ayurveda Village' is one of the few places where this 6000 year old ancient healthcare system is still practiced at its purest form. A team of experienced doctors and masseurs apply the traditional know how with care, at the right environment to maximise the healing potential. A thoughtfully crafted package of therapies designed to relax, refresh and rejuvenate you. Guaranteed to make you not only feel younger but also look younger.

We strive to estabilish prime health in every person be it physical, mental or Spiritual. This is achieved by establishing an energitic equilibrium in the functions of the body humors, and simultaneously through an alteration in life style in conformity with the simple laws of nature.
Find the ayurvedic treatment/rejuvenation program suitable to you from our list of treatments.

Rasayana Chikilsa (Rejuvenation Therapy)
The underlying theory behind this treatment is to reverse the degenerative processes happening in the body. This is achieved by brining about a balance of the body, mind and soul through rejuvenating the functional systems of the body - An ideal program if you want to feel young again!

Panchakarma Sodhana Chikilsa (Body Purification Program)
Ayurveda believes that over time the body accumulates toxins because of food habits. These toxins put an added pressure on the body metabolic system / prevent the body to perform at optimal efficiency. This program helps in purifying the whole body to attain the dosha equilibrium as well as in helping reinforcing the body immunity system.

Kayakalpa Chikilsa (Body Immunization Therapy)
This therapy is an optimum combination of the purification& rejuvenation program. It is highly recommended to reduce the effects of long term ailments/illness.

Mana Swastha Chikilsa (Stress Management Therapy)
Ayurveda fundementally beleives that a health mind is the source for a healthy body. This therapy helps you to manage and reduce the effects of stress, depression and melancholy. It also has specialized programs to treat various psychosomatic disorders.

Medodhara Chikilsa ( Weight Loss Program)
A very popular program at our center. Ayurveda considers excessive weight as a disease and has a methodical approach to wight management and reduction. The program consists or a restructing of diet and a combination of massages and oral medications.

Degenerative Joint problems
Ayurveda is probably the only science that has an aswer to the problem of degenerative joints. At poovar we have a special program to help reduce and retard the effects of this disease expecialy for the spine & neck region. WE also have specialized program for Rheumatism & Artheritis.

The Diet at Poovar Island
We have developed keeping in mind the strict stipulations of the ancient science a range of food varieties to suit every person who undergoes ayurvedic treatments. The diet is considered critical to the effectiveness of the ayurvedic treatments / programs and we have taken special care in training our Chefs to understand and appreciate this special need. The food is delectable but ayurvedic!! The delicious vegetarian food has it's ingredients from vegetables and leafs of medicinal properties.

Yoga & Meditation Programs
No ayurvedic program is complete unless it is supported by a well structured Yoga and meditation program. We have a highly skilled Yoga Guru who conducts daily classes. Special need / private classes can also be arranged by prior appointments.

Some of the therapies and treatment on offer include those for rejuvenation, purification, immunization, stress management, weight loss among others.
Feel the pressures and tensions seep out of your mind and soul. And let the tranquility of Poovar Island Resort wash over you.
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