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ID: 595
Offered by Company : ID 2632
Country : Mongolia
Duration : 5 – 6 day(s)
Minimum Price : $2285 USD ( Per Person)
Maximum Price : $2430 USD ( Per Person)
Type : Private,Customized
Season : All Year Round
Trip Categories : Classic Tour
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The mother place of dinosaurs, which lived millions, millions years ago, is a Mongolian Gobi. It consists of 33 Gobi, they are vary by their sizes. So many rare fossils, astonished by the world have been found in Gobi till to the present time. Two hemps camels are only in Mongolian Gobi, And you can see how the Sun arises right next you, when you travel in Gobi. You will be amazed by huge and beautiful desert, taste the water of oasis, be a guest of Gobi-remote family and you will drink camel milk and have its dairy products, while you are traveling. Every year 1000 camels celebration is held in Gobi and Camel Polo and, other contests and shows are held there. Following places like Bayanzag, Khermen tsav and Moltsog els of Umnugobi province are the places, where more fossils and remains of dinosaurs are found popular. Most visited zones are Khongoriin Els, Khongoriin river and Yoliin Am. One of the amazing events would be to see shining precious stone-amethist, it seemed remains from ancient oceans bottom, when Sun arises or set down. Also you can see rocks of Great land rocks of Little land, they consist of rocks in steppe.
Detail Information
Day 1:
Youll be met at the Chinggis Khaan international Airport and drive to a hotel.
City tour: Sukhbaatar square, Natural historical museum, Gandan temple, Nomin department, Zaisan hill.
Welcome dinner at restaurant.
Stay in hotel.

Day 2:
After breakfast, depart to Umnugobi by domestic flight. Arrive to a camp and visit to Yoliin Am, Bayanzag. Umnugobi is situated in the south of Mongolia, it has very low precipitation. It rains very less. But you will breathe fresh and cool air in the canyon Yoliin Am, and enjoy seeing transparent and pure river and a glacier in such a hot place.
Bayanzag got a name Sparking Cliff and known worldwide, where remains of dinosaurs, fossils, petrified matters and you dinosaurs eggs were found popular. You feel the beauty it was the bottom of sea and it will seem as like it is now, once you see the place.
Over night in camp.

Day 3:
Visit to Khongoriin els from the Juulchin Gobi Camp. It lasts 188 km vast. And it is a great natural dune. You feel clear blue sky and oasis here.
You feel the harmony 3 different zones: Mountains of Altai chain, steppe and dunes are crossed here. Sure, it will be the fabulous moment and non-forgetful feeling in rest of your life. Also, you may visit and meet a family who has camels. You well enjoy riding camels. Spending time is various. Skating on sand, sun-tanning, going for walk and it is possible, even you enjoy reading if you want.
Over night in camp.

Day 4:
After breakfast arrive back Juulchin Gobi tourist camp. Meals on the way back. Also you will travel through the mountains Gobi Gurvan Saikhan, which is the end of Altai mountains, and enjoy difference and beauty of Gobi.
Over night in camp.

Day 5:
After breakfast fly back to Ulaanbaatar by domestic flight. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar free time.
6:00 pm The performance of national folk song and dance. Farewell dinner.
Stay in hotel.

Day 6:
After breakfast transfer to the airport. Departure
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