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agua rica diving center
centro comercial diria

Tamarindo ( Guanacaste )
Costa Rica

Member Since : December 2007
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About agua rica diving center

Forget Crowded Boats! Dive with us
Small intimate groups , max 6 plus crew
Extended bottom times
Choice of dive sites
Personalized service
Certification courses Padi and SSI

Costa Rica is second only to Panama for number of birds per square meter. This richness of life and biodiversity is found in the oceans as well - there are just few places in the world where divers enjoy so many species from the tiny tube blennies to the giant manta rays. Expect to see moray eels, jacks, snappers, grunts, wrasses, parrot fish, angelfishes, porcupine fish, scorpion fish, puffers, barracuda, tuna, eagle rays, devil rays, stingrays, manta rays, and sharks! . Remember to look up, down, and all around while diving in these waters. If you have your nose stuck in the rocks you are likely to miss the bigger pelagics
Water temperatures are averaging 75 degrees with water temperatures dipping to 67 degrees inside the thermoclines. However, you cannot judge one day of diving for what the next day may be. Please remember the Pacific is unpredictable and can have drastic changes in temperature and visibility, which is the reason we have the huge variety of marine life here. Visibility changes everyday and it changes during the dives ,too. It goes from 20 ft to 70 ft with an average of 45 ft.
A 40/60 minutes boat ride along the coast brings us to the Catalina Islands, a group of volcanic islands created millions of years ago. Along the way keep your eyes on the horizon we are sometimes visited by turtles, dolphins, rays leaping from the water, and occasionally humpback whales. Upon arrival, your guide a multilingual Divemaster/Instructor - will explain everything about the 2 dives you will enjoy and guide you along the way.
Not certified No problem, our staff of Padi and SSI dive professionals are committed to quality dive instruction & services. If you do not want to take the full certification we will train you the day before the scuba tour; you will watch some videos and practice in the pool with an Instructor.

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