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Anmorats Paher
3/3,Andranik str.
Vardenis ( Geghark'unik' )

Member Since : June 2013
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About Anmorats Paher
Anmorats Paher The association Anmorats Paher (Unforgettable Moments) offers an alternative form of tourism nearby residents and organized by them. Based on the meeting, exchange and enhancement of cultural heritage, natural and historical, it allows "guests" to experience the warmth of the Armenian hospitality. The main objective of the association is to develop rural tourism. This is to showcase local activities and integrate the region to existing tours.Listening to your needs, they will lead you to the best places in Armenia. No lack of humor or kindness, Artem and Nara make every effort to have a good time with their guests in this region of Armenia, ideally located between Lake Sevan and Nagorno-Karabakh (Transcaucasian region enclosed Azerbaijan).

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