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Hotel Uyah AmedBali
Jl. Pantai Timur no 801 Amed
Karangasem ( Jawa Barat )

Member Since : December 2007
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About Hotel Uyah AmedBali
Hotel Uyah Amed or Salt Lodge is located in Amed, East Bali, an area well known for its natural beauty, fantastic dive sites and traditional Balinese lifestyle.

Hotel Uyah Amed is right on the beach and preserves the traditional production of salt from seawater.
Hotel Uyah Amed stives to protect the environment and is highly recommended by THE NATURAL GUIDE .
We further have applied an air conditioning /cooling system based on the effect of evaporation for our bungalows. Our system works best with a strong wind that we usually enjoy in Amed. For the convenience of our guest s we additionally installed electrical ceiling f ans to support the air ventilation .

We have implemented and maintain an environmental management system to reduce the consumption of natural resources and to prevent pollution by waste separation, energy and water - saving installations and programs. We try to communicate our environmental goals to the local community and our guest s in order to be in harmony with this beautiful environment.

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