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Varmahlíð ( Skagafjörður )

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About Lýtingsstadir
Lýtingsstadir is a horse breeding farm in the North of Iceland. We offer horse riding tours and riding holidays on our farm. Enjoy the fascinating Icelandic landscape on back of our remarkable horses with their special gaits tolt and pace.
Our tours go over the deserted highlands, through beautiful valleys and over high mountains. You can listen to many stories about the country, the people and of course their intensive connection to their horses. Riding experiences are necessary to take part on a longer riding tour.
If you are traveling around Iceland by car be welcome to stop at our farm and take part on a 1-4 hour riding tour. No riding experiences are necessary for a short trip. We have well trained and reliable horses for both beginners and experienced riders.
Welcome in Iceland - Welcome on Ltingsstadir!

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