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Sect 49, Lot 2
Rabaul ( East New Britain )
Papua New Guinea

Member Since : March 2011
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Paivu Tours Ltd is a well established and registered Tour Service Operator based in Rabaul since 1983. Since then Paivu Tours have grown to become the largest Tour Operator providing a variety of professional Tour Services which include sightseeing land tours, traditional & cultural performances, historical visits and also delegating other tourist requirement such as car hire, diving, trekking, snorkeling, tropical islands visit for all types of tourists whether coming in by ships or by planes. Paivu Tours are there to assist at all times. Rabaul and its Peninsula are ready for you to poke your camera at its scenic land scape and war memories. Paivu Tours train staff to be the most knowledgeable in East New Britain therefore giving the tourists the local experience.