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Propulsion rafting
619 chemin de la rivire rouge
Grenville ( Quebec )

Member Since : December 2007
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About Propulsion rafting
Since 25 years, Propulsion rafting operate on the famous Rouge river. With experienced guide, you enjoy the rapid of class 2 to 5 on the most popular river of the east of North America. After a ride at your skill level, you can see your exploit on video by the time you lunch with BBQ steak and salad bar. Relax with our first class convenient: Hot tub, pool, beach volleyball, sundeck... Package begin at 65$C.
No experience required.Minimum weigth of 41 kilo, maximum of 150 kilo. We recommend 15 years old and more for regular rafting and 6 years and more for soft rafting. Security is a priority.

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