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Psalm Tours
10 Bagramian Ave. 2nd Pas, #43, Yerevan
Yerevan ( Yerevan )

Member Since : September 2009
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About Psalm Tours
Psalm Tours Psalm Tours specializes in Christian pilgrimages, cultural and classical tours in Armenia as well as in Georgia, Turkey and Iran. Numerous parishes and groups of individuals from all over the world are continuously served by us to be provided with unique experience of holy places and cultural heritage.

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PILGRIMAGE TO ARMENIA THE LAND OF PRAYER PILGRIMAGE TO ARMENIA THE LAND OF PRAYER This tour is dedicated to providing with a deep spiritual experience while travelling to many unique Armenian destinations. While journeying you pass through..... Culture Tour , Pilgrimage Tour 6 days USD 624 - 1000
Per person
All Year Round Armenia
yerevan (Yerevan)