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ragusa travel agency
10 horoo Sukhbaatar district
Ulaanbaatar ( Ulaanbaatar )

Member Since : November 2007
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About ragusa travel agency
Our company cooperates with many tourist camps, transport agencies and hotels and has the experienced guide who knows English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Russian. The travel company Ragusa receives quests from every corner of the world such as Europe , Asia, the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and Korea and see them off with great satisfaction. We are always ready to co-operate with you and your travel agency.
We shall propagandize in great extent our native land and make you traveled throughout the Mongolian beautiful country and introduce you the beautiful virgin nature eternal blue sky, limitless steppe of great Chinggis Khaan, the civilization and customs of nomads the land of the great Dinosaur, Khara Korum the ancient capital of the Mongolian empire in 13th century, the monastery Erdene zuu the first centre of Buddhism in Mongolia, the Khuvsgul lake so called the Mongolian Switzerland and well known to the world with its pure and transparent water.
Our travel agency undertake the following journeys;
Mountain trek.
Horse travel.
Mountain climb.
Movies, photo safari travel.
Helicopter excursion.
Archaeological trip.
Folk song and dance journey.
Business trip.

We extend all kinds of help to you and your organization in traveling in Mongolia and render cheep, reliable, good quality easy and efficient service, make you good experienced to come to us time and time again. We will be very happy to share your great experience on the way of tourism.

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