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Silk Road Treasure Tours
39 East Fox Chase Road
Chester ( New Jersey )
United States

Member Since : June 2009
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About Silk Road Treasure Tours
SILK ROAD TREASURE TOURS is specialized in Central Asia travel- Uzbekistan travel, Kazakhstan Travel, Kyrgyzstan Travel, Tajikistan travel and Turkmenistan travel. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan... these are the places we long to explore; where the heartbeat of ancient civilization provides the backdrop for newly independent nations. Experience everything you’ve dreamed of; soaring minarets, desert sands, the opulence of traditional silk and silver, the intricate designs of ancient mosaics and carpets, and the colors and exotic offerings of the bazaars. Enjoy the warm welcome of our people and our homeland. Silk Road Treasure Tours our promise to you is attention to detail and the offer of the best of everything. Whether you choose one of our group tours or an individualized itinerary, our expertise and resources are dedicated to meeting your unique needs. Make this your year to discover all that Silk Road Treasure Tours can offer you!

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