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Outdoor Holidays
4th, Aleea Rotunda, 032705, Bl.H6
bucharest, Romania

Member Since : December 2007
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Hi, Dan

We just got back from our trip to Romania.
I wanted to tell you how great the team of guides were that we were with. Radu, Mihai and Mr. Vasile were tremendous. Radu was excellent at explaining Romanian history and Mihai was a great hiking guide. It was the right mix of hiking and sightseeing and Mr. Vasile was always there to pick us up. They were all very professional but we feel like we got to know each of our guides in a personal and professional way. Since there were 6 of us we had the luxury of being slow hikers and the guides were very patient.

The canoe/kayak trip guided by Andrei was great; his knowledge and enthusiasm are a big plus. Andrei is a guide with a good sense of responsability and a heart for the outdoors.


# Radu was a legend - very helpful and hardworking, always a gentleman. Had a great time. Shame it rained. Will be back and will recommend. Last days walking 5* ! Mr. Benedek - fantastic.

One of our best trip ever.
We enjoy the picnic lunches - the dinner at Sighisoara was great.
We enjoyed the hikes.

Surprised by number of people who understand some English.