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Academia de Espanol Surpacifico
Avenida 24 y Calle 15
quito, Ecuador

Member Since : March 2008
Customer Reviews : 8

Reviews for Academia de Espanol Surpacifico
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I had a great time learning Spanish at Academia Surpacifico! The teachers were all very friendly and made the lessons fun and interesting. Manuel was also very helpful picking us up from the bus station and taking us to the students apartment which was very comfortable and well equipped. I would definitely recommend learning Spanish at Academia Surpacifico!

United Kingdom

I spent two weeks at surpacifico and i would highly recomment it. Our teaching was very good and at a good pace! Everyone here is really friendly and will help you with anything and there are lots of extra activities organised so you can get the most out of your stay ? I really enjoyed the salsa! The apartment has everything you need and manta provides everything else to keep you busy! Thank you to everyone at surpacifico.
United Kingdom

I loved my time here. I had a very enriching learning experience at the hospital. Everyone wanted to make sure I was comfortable and they taught me a lot of things. Manuel helped me out with any problems I came across. I truly learned a lot in my classes and I was able to apply those skills in the hospital. Thanks so much for such a wonderful time!

US Outlying Is

As of now, I have lived in Ecuador for a total of 12 weeks and I can say with confidence that my week here in Manta has been the most enjoyable by far. My only regret is that my work schedule permited me to spend only one week studying at Surpacifico- I would have loved to spent more time studying.

The program I chose was Spansih + Surfing lessons; I loved them both. Being the ocean worshiper that I am, it came no surprise to me that I looked forwarded to spending the frist two hours of my day in the water. While I struggled with learning how to actually surf (which I attribute to none other than my personal lack of athletic ability), I none the less had fun trying! The instructors were friendly and patient, and they took the time to evaluate my individual needs and futhermore give advice as to how to improve my surfing. Although the time I spent actually standing up on my board is miniscule compared to the amount of time I spent falling off the board, I know have a great story of how I learned to surf off the coast of Ecuador.

My Spanish instructor was equally, if not more, amazing! I spent four hours a day with individualized instruction. I was asked from the start which areas of the language I wanted to focus on- I received help in those areas as well as many more. I could not believe how quickly the four hours went by. The strucure of my lessons varied from verbal instruction, practice exercises, and conversation. What surprised me the most was the level of comfort in the classroom- I am usually one that will shy away from speaking my second language due to fear. But with my instructor, I had absolutely no insercurities.

I opted to stay in the student apartment located above the school. What an awesome choice! Close to the school, in town, and within walking distance to the beach! I was offered every comfort avaliable and always had ready assistance when needed.

The school is run in a very professional, yet personal and friendly manner. Schedules are
US Outlying Is

I am very pleased with my decision to come to Academia Surpacifico to learn Spanish. Manuel Bucheli runs a wonderful school in Manta. The school has all the facilities and tools that one needs, and it is in a central location about a ten minute walk to the beach. All of my professors were excellent - very professional and caring and friendly and they really seem to enjoy teaching.

Manuel is very flexible and can organize whatever kind of program you want in order to meet your individual needs. In my case, I wanted to learn Spanish very quickly and therefore, I wanted as many class time hours as possible, and decided to do 35 hours per week of individual lessons. However, I also wanted to explore Ecuador and learn about the history and culture as well as experience the three different geographical regions of the country. I planned a nine week study/travel program and Manuel was more than happy to arrange all the details for me. I also did three separate weeks of ?Traveling with a Teacher?; one week at Alandaluz (an ecotourism resort on the Ruta del Sol), one week traveling the North Coast and one week at a jungle lodge close to Coca. All of the lodging and home were very pleasant and clean and always met or exceeded my expectations. I lived with families in Manta, Cuenca and Quito and used hotels/lodges during the traveling portion. And all of my travel arrangements between the different places went very smoothly.

I would highly recommend Academia Surpacifico and Manuel Bucheli to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish in Ecuador. You won?t be disappointed!

US Outlying Is

My name is Sandra and I?m a second year pediatrics resident in Salt Lake City, Utah. Due to the great number of mexican families immigrating to Utah, I decided to learn spanish and also a bit of latino culture. I am in my second week of studying at the Academia Surpacifico in Manta. I chose Manta mainly because of the beaches and that it was smaller (and probably safer for a single girl walking the streets than Quito). I also work in an outpatient clinic during the mornings. The pediatrician I work for is fantastic and all the doctors and nurses make me feel really welcome.


Hallo, I am Christine from Munich, Germany! In February/March 2001 I have visited the Academia Surpacifico in Manta, Ecuador, to learn Spanish. This trip was fantastic! I met a lot of super friendly people, the teachers are excellent and Ecuador is a fascinating and beautiful country.

I lived in the house of a very nice Ecuadorian family who treated me most nice as if I were there own child. The Surpacifico School is near by the Sea, so that in the afternoon, after school, you can go to the beach with the other students, swim and hang around. Or you can go to an internet caf? and write home to your friends and family.

I really recommend this School to everybody who wants to learn Spanish and have fun in the same time!


It was really perfect time in Manta. All teachers in this institute are very friendly and pleasant. I think Ecuador is one of the best countries for studying Spanish. If you want find nice places, warm weather, beaches, ocean, excellent food and of course friendly people in the whole of Ecuador than you have to visit this part of the world.

And why studing just in Institute Surpacifico? Answer is really easy. Teachers are very flexible in the teaching. If you are not a beginner you do not have to lost time with things which you know. All teachers have sense of humor so your lessons are not boring. Sometime after school all students and teachers are going together for example to the beach or to some restaurant.

For me was leave-taking very hard because after three weeks was everybody my friend.

Czech Republic